Monday, February 28, 2011

Stepping up my A Game


Staying in-line with ChaLean's schedule it was Burn 3 today. I took a few rest days in a row, headaches and other obligations, no excuses - i know.

I had the chance to have a conversation today with a friend of mine that ran in the Super Spartan over the weekend in SoCal. I received a lot of good information in regards to training, even though I'm only running the 5k version.

His advice was to train with running. Running, as you know, is already my weakness, so i have to step up my game now.

One of the goals on my dream board is to do couch to 5k, and that is what i am going to use to train, initially.

After DH left for work i pulled my new toy out of my proverbial toy box. The TRX Suspension Training System. I spent part of my day watching the set-up video; the video also includes basic moves and a basic workout.

There was nothing "basic" about it. I broke a sweat during the first move! I will say that I am IN LOVE with the suspended crunches! This is definitely going to be the equipment that will finally allow me to do pull-ups! and climb over walls lol.

Here is a running list of what i need to improve on:
Cardio Endurance
Strength Endurance.

That's pretty much everything associated with fitness! If i had a pool, swimming would also be on the list!

Thursday, February 24, 2011



Great workout last night! I was especially proud of DH for keeping up with the insanity of ChaLean's Burn Intervals & Ab Burner. He only had to flip Chalene off 2ce this time hee hee, but he did it.

I noticed some strength endurance changes in myself last night during the workout. I kept the weight the same as the week prior, but I was able to get to the end of each workout. I'm not going to deny i teared up a few times, but i did it and i am so proud of myself for pushing myself to the end of each move. I'm sore today, but it feels delicious!

Yesterday was a particularly odd day of sorts. I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, but within about 1.5 hours this exhaustive feeling came over me. I was blogging, and catching up with my clients on Sharecare and i literally could not go on a minute longer. I had to put my feet up on the couch and just lay there for a little while. I wasn't mentally tired, meaning i didn't fall asleep, it was my physical self that was dead, like my batteries literally ran out of juice or there was a power outage! Where's that bunny when you need him?! lol

I remained on the couch for about 20 minutes, then as quickly as I stopped I started back up again! Then it was ON! Mt. Laundry was being tackled, I vacuumed the entire house, including the stairs, dusted everything, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom.. it was an all out assault on the house!

Later on that night was when DH and I crushed our workouts, then we were both in bed by 11:30! Unheard of, especially for him!  

My TRX Suspension Kit arrived that afternoon too! I cannot WAIT to get going with that! Check it out:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Need to Catch My Breath!


ChaLean Burn Circuit 2 was on the menu tonight.
DH & I had an awesome workout, and I had an over-abundance of energy afterward and decided to do TurboFire HiiT 15 too!

I must be insane!

It was a great time, created a new BFF called Blister on my left big toe.. Blister made a nice comfy home there, oh did i mention blister doesn't like water? We quickly became enemies in the shower, Blister was winning until I put a band-aid on it.

I also became familiar with what is called exercise-induced bronchoconstriction and it's not a fun activity to partake in. It started after HiiT 15 while i was in the shower, I started to cough, chest was tightening, and i was coughing up some mucus at times, but nothing crazy, not like smokers' cough or anything (It felt more asthmatic actually). This annoying chest tightening followed by a cough lasted approximately an hour before it ceased.

At the time, i didn't know what EIB was, I happened upon an article that had mentioned it while I was looking for tips on running outdoors during Winter. Apparently, this is quite popular in the exercise world; I'm just hearing about it for the 1st time even though it's happened to me a few times in my lifetime of working out I and I thought nothing of it.

Here is the overview by Wikipedia:
In a patient with EIB, exercise initially follows the normal patterns of bronchodilation. However, by three minutes, the constriction sets in, which peaks at around 10-15 minutes, and usually resolves itself by an hour. During an episode of this type of bronchorestriction, the levels of inflammatory mediators, particularly leukotrienes, histamine, and interleukin, increase. TH2-type lymphocytes are activated, with an increase in T cells expressing CD25 (IL-2R), and B cells expressing CD 23, causing increased production of IgE. After exercise, the conditions will fade within one to three minutes. In most sufferers of EIB, this is followed by a refractory period, of generally less than four hours, during which if exercise is repeated, the bronchorestriction is less emphasised. This is probably caused by the release of prostaglandins.

The underlying cause of this type of bronchoconstriction appear to be the large volume of cool, dry air inhaled during strenuous exercise. The condition appears to improve when the air inhaled is more fully humidified and closer to body temperature.

This specific condition, in the general population, can vary between 7 and 20 percent. This increases to around 80 percent in those with symptomatic asthma. In many cases, however, the constriction, even during or after strenuous exercise, is not clinically significant except in cases of severe to moderate emphysema.

I am interested to see if it decreases as my endurance increases, or if this is more apt to happen to me during the cooler months, because of the cooler and drier air. I'll keep you updated on that too!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Last night was a stretch night, and DH and I used TurboFire Stretch 40.

I'm very proud of my DH, 2 days in a row he has willingly worked out with me, takes my proper form corrections without arguing and has thanked me for another great workout.

Families that play together stay together! SO TRUE!

Now, if I can only get him to compete in the Spartan Sprint.... 

I'm still working on a hybrid for me, but for now I'm going to continue with ChaLean as-is since I have the kettlebells and the TRX enroute to my home. I'm really excited for the TRX!!

"Good habits are as addictive as bad habits, and a lot more rewarding." -Harvey Mackay

A Change in Plans


Slight change of plans.. I'm currently brainstorming on how I can effectively train.

The hubby decided to workout with me for the first time since I met him over 4 years ago. Last night, I introduced him to ChaLean Extreme Burn Circuit 1.

While that puts me at week 2, it puts him 1 week behind me, and I wanted to start the TurboFire/ChaLean Hybrid last night.

So what I am "contemplating" is doing doubles, OR continuing with CEX as is and ADD TurboFire. I can do my cardio either in the morning while he's sleeping or after he leaves for work at night, this way we can to ChaLean together.

See the madness? lol

On top of all of that, I ordered the TRX Suspension System, cones, rings, and Kettlebells. 1. to add equipment to my home gym (I'm a personal trainer so i need the stuff anyway), and 2. I am going to need them to train for the Spartan and Tough Mudder (which my brother and I are OFFICIALLY entered into as of last night - yikes!)

OK, OK, OK, Yes! I AM a personal trainer, and YES I use workout videos. Why? because I love them. They are already done for me, I don't have to make my own routines, which can be time consuming believe it or not. Even trainers need trainers sometimes, and I trust the trainers I work out to on the videos. I don't buy "celebrity" videos; I buy the videos that have science behind them, that I know work.

Enough of that. The TRX Suspension System seems to be gaining in major popularity these days, so after doing much reading/research and youtube video watching, I decided that this is it. This is one of the key ingredients to my fitness routine to not only prepare for these races, but to get my body into the shape it needs to be in to function properly. I'm SO excited!

Also, I spoke to a colleague of mine out in the Vegas area yesterday morning. He is doing the Spartan Race in SoCal this upcoming weekend! So excited to hear about his experience and see some really cool pics! He did mention to me that I should consider using Insanity as well to train, because it is a good cardio endurance, mind control workout. So I'm contemplating that as well!

Update on the medication wean:
I visited the doc late last week and he wants me to stay where I am with the .5mg. After explaining the symptoms I was suffering from he wants me to slow down the decrease even more, so I have to stay here for a few more weeks. I am Ok with that, because the second .25mg drop I did was torture.

Plus, my anxiety out in public seems to be a little stronger, so he wants me to adapt more to each wean before I decrease. All-in-all though, it's been OK, and I'm feeling positive about the outcome!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I passed on the workout yesterday, I had a major headache so I had to pass - I was NOT happy either way!

I made up for it tonight though!

I successfully completed ChaLean Extreme Burn 3, Burn it Off, and Recharge.. 86 minutes of pure awesomeness!

I started with Burn it off, as i knew that was going to be more of a cardio/endurance routine and if i had to blow out weight training first i would not have the energy to get through it. I'm glad I made that decision too because my muscles were warmed up and ready to shake!

There was only 1 exercise I had to completely modify and that was Sumo Squat with Calf Raise. I could NOT get the form right with the weights, so after 8 reps I paused the DVD and started at 1 again with no weight just to perfect my form. I did 12 with perfect form with no weight - weight or not that was intense!

Finished up with Recharge which is a flexibility/stretching/Yoga routine and it felt delicious!

I had to indulge in the recovery drink for Burn 3 though, my muscles were shaking like crazy!

Then finished up with a nice shower to wash away the DNA!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dig Deeper


Yesterday was an odd day of sorts.

I went to bed around the same time I usually do, but instead of sleeping until my normal time I woke up at 0545. I tried to fall back to sleep, but ended up popping out of bed at 0611 BRIGHT EYED AND BUSHY TAILED!

No complaints here! I was able to get in a morning workout. I had forgotten how great a morning workout makes me feel! Most likely because I haven't worked out in the morning since 2005!

I enjoyed a cup of Orange Sunrise while I folded the load of laundry that was in the dryer from the night prior. That was the perfect meal pre-workout as it gave me some energy and took the morning hunger pang away.

The morning's workout was ChaLean Extreme Burn Circuit 2, and I brought it by increasing the weights, it was this day that i realized how strong I have become.

During the day I had to work through some panic triggers and a mild anxiety attack while my DH and I were running errands. Traffic is a major trigger for me, and we ended up getting stuck in a pretty bad traffic jam while out. I just kept focused on my iPhone and read some articles on the Spartan Race Blog to keep my mind off of it, and for the most part it worked. ( I ♥ my iPhone)

Later on that evening, when DH went to work, it was time to go to work on myself. I had to play catch-up so I popped in ChaLean Extreme Burn Intervals and Ab Burner; which was the designated workout for the day.

Let's just say i forgot what CE Burn Intervals was! Goodness!!! It's a combo of strength endurance training (low weight for a long period of time) and Plyo/Turbo Jam. You also have to use leg resistance bands for a lot of the lower body work. No complaints.. but OUCH!!

This program made me dig deep, made me sweat out A LOT of DNA, and pushed me passed my quit limit. Well, actually I pushed myself passed my quit limit. There were so many times i wanted to stop, not the program itself, but the actual exercise I was doing. I kept digging deeper, almost brought to tears a couple of times because i just could not do 1 more rep, or do that extra squat, or failing before time was up. I only had to stop on one exercise and that was burpees. I am NOT good at burpees AT ALL, and I never have been.. instead I did the modified version, which (with all due respect) is not easy, not that i expect it to be, but dang!

For the first time in my years of using the DVD programs I found myself watching the count down clock. This program was NO JOKE, and i had to keep watching the timer tick down or i was going to throw in the proverbial towel. I didn't feel comfortable until the clock reached 9 minutes, but those were the longest 9 minutes of my life! I had to keep telling myself.. "The Spartan and the Mudder are your goals, if you fail HERE you will fail THERE.. what are you made of? Dig Deep! Eeking out 1 more rep, 1 more squat, 1 more burpee is not going to kill you, it's going to make you stronger! You want to get over that wall right? Run through mud? Then you need to do this! Think about all of the wounded soldiers you are doing this for! They won't give up and they are disabled! You are able bodied so use it to it's full potential!"

That was enough motivational talk to get me through the tough spots. In fact, 90% of the time i was envisioning being at the Spartan and blowing through with such precision, speed and determination all because i trained, and trained hard. If i train easy i will fail, and failure is NOT an option.

I am not going to deny that I was sick to my stomach afterward, but after i had my recovery drink it settled it a bit and took my shaking muscles away. My system was TAXED.

This morning i can feel every single muscle in my buttox, abs, arms, and back and Burn 3 is on the agenda for tonight. At least my blister doesn't hurt anymore!

I think this quote by Bruce Lee fits perfectly into this blog post:
If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mt. Snow


Working out isn't always about lifting weights and bouncing around in an aerobics class. I decided to do some functional strength and endurance training in the form of shoveling snow/ice.

We've had a particularly harsh winter thus far and it's dumped an insane amount of snow where I live. My property is not shoveler friendly. The way the house/driveway/front & back yards are set up there really is not a good place to put snow, so we put it where we could during these storms.

They are in the way and melting and refreezing because of the unnaturally warm temperatures this week. I started with a nice size deck piled with 3 foot icy-snow piles that I shoveled two days ago. Today I moved into the sun a 5 foot high x 4 foot deep x 3.5 foot wide pile that was by the back gate that was in the shade, and took the spade to chip the under-ice.

WOW! What a free workout that was! back, arms, core, legs, cardio, endurance (because it took nearly 2 hours to move). I was sweating like I was in a steam room for an hour! It felt AWESOME!!! Well, all but my left hand that now has a very painful blister.. I guess i should have worn gloves lol.

Tomorrow it is going to be in the 60 degree range and i plan to move more, because Father Winter and Mother Nature are the only two that know what the rest of the winter holds and I need the realestate! lol

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I read an interesting article this morning; it was 1 of a 4 part series, and it introduced the lesson of getting up when life knocks you down.

This article birthed a saying in my head that I will now claim as mine, it's long but who cares:
Being born was your first greatest obstacle and success in life, followed by a slap on your bottom by the doc. When life turns into an obstacle, go back to the doc and have them slap your bottom, instead of curling up in the fetal position.
Martin Luther King Jr. had this to say "“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge.”

Don't be afraid to ask for help, ever. Don't worry about how others judge you, you don't know what they went, or are going through and sometimes the embarrassment of seeking medical help keeps people from talking. Don't be quiet, scream it! You ARE always a work in progress! If you stop working on you, you stop living. Just like in school, you had a teacher then.. you still need teachers now!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Forward Thinking...

The webinar was great, but more of a sales pitch to spend 3-4 days at one of their seminars. If I lived closer to the closest location and had $500 laying around, I would go, but I don’t.

Afterward, I sought out the ChaLean/TurboFire Hybrid workout I mentioned in the last post. I Auto-scheduled it in the WOWY Supergym starting Monday.

I am going to finish this week with week 1 of ChaLean.

My brother has lost his mind and keeps spamming me with SPARTANS!!!!!! WOOHOOO!

I think he’s the crazy one.. hee hee!

An appropriate quote:
Don’t worry if you think you’re crazy, even the tall oak trees were once nuts.

Training Day 1


Moving forward TD = Training Day; W= Week

Today I did ChaLean Extreme Burn Circuit 1 (BC1).
Quickly, I’ve done this program in the past and with great results, but i wasn’t preparing for total insanity, just a wedding.

Looking back on my notes from the time prior, I am much stronger now. I used to start with 5lbs, now I’m starting with 10+ and it feels AWESOME. I was so happy to get through D1 with so much progress already..

After my workout, while I was in the shower, I totally forgot that I had TurboFire! ChaLean and TurboFire have a hybrid workout, and TurboFire is an endurance workout for sure.

Once I complete this post, and complete the Self Development Webinar that is starting in a minute, I’m going to put it all together!

How it came about..

Changes are abound!
The Tough Mudder and The Spartan Sprint on are the agenda for 2011.
My brother took it upon himself to register himself and I in the Tough Mudder in November, so I took it upon myself to register him and I in the Spartan Sprint in June.
I have anxiety and panic disorder and my "family" goal this year is wean off of my medications so my DH and I can start trying for a family.
These 2 events are going to test my disorder to it's max, and by the time they arrive I will be completely off of my medications.
This is my physical and mental journey in becoming a Spartan and a Mudder.
If anything, I hope I can inspire someone else to try and escape the crutch of this debilitating disease.

Today I posted this on my coaching group on facebook:

Re-starting ChaLean Extreme today. After many talks with Coach Susan, i think i am going to train for a Tough Mudder for 2012. I saw that they have a training regimen and it looks fabulous! So have to get started! My biggest weakness is endurance. It never used to be that way, when i was a kid and i would swim/train at “the Y”, i used to be able to swim underwater about 3/4 the length of an Olympic size pool over and over. My trainers used to be amazed at my underwater aquatic abilities lol. Now I’m lucky if i could run a 1/4 mile without wanting to keel over. So train i must!
That post started a VERY quick whirlwind with my brother and I, and HE decided to sign us up for the Tough Mudder in November.

I went to their website and looked at the obstacle course descriptions and I about had a panic attack.

Crawling through tubes, running through electrically charged fences, running through fire..and those are just to name a few.

I became light-headed, heart started racing, and the sweats started. Panic set in.

I decided to get in contact with MY coach, and asked his advice because he was having a hard time with nerves coming into a major event himself. His advice was basic and to the point. Don’t worry about time, just focus on surviving to the end, and train.

As basic as that was, it was very effective.

I already had planned to start a workout program tonight, (as i mentioned above), but now I’m going to increase the intensity of it all. Not only do I have to work on strength; I also have to work on endurance as well. I know Insanity™ is one of the most intense endurance training programs in the video market. It’s a completely mental program that pushes your limits, and I’m REALLY going to need that. I am also going to need extreme strength training, and as much as I LOVE ChaLean I may need something more intense, but I am going to stick with that until I can find a proper substitute.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's a Crazy Place For a Workout

Yes, I changed the name of the blog!
Over the course of the years since creating this blog (previously known as "It's a Crazy Place"), my life has changed dramatically.

The original intent with this blog was simply a place for me to vent and share and have fun doing the new-hip thing! BLOGGING!

It soon evolved into an anti-cop-hater/pro-police place that I used to vent my frustrations and release some anxiety, and share with the rest of my followers what's truly going on out there in the police world that people don't hear about (for whatever reason).
Then life happened (i know, how DARE it!).. I got involved with a company called teambeachbody and became a coach for them, and i haven't turned back since. I had a blog going when i originally started with them called My Wedding Workout. That blog has since been removed and deleted (why i ever did that is beyond me lol) but it showcased my daily fitness life leading up to and including my wedding and honeymoon. I actually complete P90X WHILE on my Honeymoon in Aruba. That is how dedicated I am to my fitness, I'm just really bummed that i deleted the blog because i really would have liked for you all to have seen it.. I had a lot of fun posting and sharing, but i digress.

After I got married and moved into my married home with DH, I had to quit my job because i just couldn't handle the commute anymore.. somewhere along the way of the last few years I've developed anxiety/panic disorder (more on that later cause it's a tangled web) and my commute more than doubled each way.. after sitting in traffic for nearly 2.5 hours one night having panic attack after panic attack it was decided that i couldn't continue there with a commute like that. SO i decided to speed up my studying to be a personal trainer with NASM. In December 2010 I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. In January 2011 I started my own fitness business called Fitness to a T. But during all of that time i was still giving free coaching with teambeachbody under my own team of coaches known as The NJ Fit Club - and continue to do so today. I was able to work from home and have a residual income while i studied for my certified personal trainer exam. I am also an Elite Trainer at working with Dr. Oz and "Move it and Lose it.

I love what I do, but i also love my connection to law enforcement (as i am married to one) and i want to try and get back to police blogging. The only difference is I am certainly going to be blogging about my fitness journey with my personal training and my coaching. Both are so rewarding in their own respects. 

So basically, this is me. This is my life. This is what i love to do and am passionate about, and i no longer want to keep it separate from my other interests. Being in 3 different places takes a lot of work.. and until they can get that whole cloning thing worked out I am just one person! lol

I'm placing this post in the first quarter of the year because i want to move some blog posts over from another blog that i created regarding the panic and anxiety disorder, and instead of doing a bulk upload and having 20 articles in one day I'm going to back date them. So thanks for understanding and supporting me!

Monday, February 7, 2011

It's been awhile

I haven't blogged here since, well i don't know when my last post was, but it's been a long time.

Since my last post, I've gotten married to my officer, and now I'm a wife of an officer. Those that are PWs know what it's like. It sucks, you can put the dangers in the back of your mind, but deep down you are connected to that thought of "is that the call?" (AS MY PHONE JUST RANG!! OMG! 1:37 AM)

Ya see, the reason for this post is because of an incident that happened tonight. I'm not at liberty to talk about the details, because the story hasn't been released yet, but it hit REAL close to home.

No one from my DH's dept was hurt or anything, it was another dept that borders his town, but that's just WAY too close to home for me.

So far in 2011, we've lost 19 officers across the country. Fathers and Mothers, Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters, Husbands and Wives, Fiancees etc. All have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect you and me, and to uphold the law against people that can give a damn about the law, or their families, or themselves.

I can understand running from a cop, but what goes through your warped and twisted mind to pull a gun and kill one for a stupid reason such as you having a warrant. Do you really think that if you kill a cop that you aren't going to go to jail or face the death penalty (if your state is fortunate enough to have one)? Instead of paying a fine or going for a short "stint" you'd rather deal with the larger crime of killing someone? It makes no sense! You people just make NO SENSE! (disclaimer: you people = the bad guys) if you didn't break the law in the very first place you wouldn't be put in this situation. What gives you the flipping right to take a life from someone? Then cry for a lawyer? PUSSIES! That's what you are!! A bunch of drug dealing/using pieces of scum that have to hide behind the barrel of a gun because you are too much of a pussy to deal with real life. Here's an idea: KILL YOURSELVES! That will take you and your gun off the street forever. OH, but you are probably not reading this anyway because you are on the streets dealing your drugs and acting all puffy. What a joke.

Our senators and Government want to impose tougher gun control laws.. HEY IDIOTS! THEY DON'T FOLLOW THE LAW ANYWAY! Govt will never make sense to me, you impose laws that do no good for what they are intended. That's where our laws fail this country. The criminal element doesn't care about your laws! They follow their own laws, and that goes with dealing/using drugs, stealing/robbing and killing people. When will you old fuddy-duddies wake the hell up?

OK, i think I'm done yelling, but i needed to get it off my chest because every day it seems I'm getting another email from the officer down memorial page that another officer has died at the hands of an idiot. I'm frustrated, and I'm stressed out about it. Especially when i get a phone call at 11:30 at night from DH that's working telling me something happened and that he's OK, he just didn't want me to see it on the news first. I'm grateful, but now i want the details, who, what, when, where, why? Well, we know why.. some idiot was let loose in the world. Now it's 2:08AM and I'm WIRED, see they don't just effect that officer's life, but their actions effect EVERYONE attached to them. My BFF is still awake because her DH is a LEO, all spouses of the LEOs on duty in this area right now are awake, thinking, what happened? what if it was mine? what would i do? How would i handle it? omg that poor family, that poor dept. omg omg omg! At the same time, we are told to remain silent because it's an ongoing investigation and it hasn't been released to the public yet. OK, but i can at least talk about my feelings here.. I'm not giving details, no towns are mentioned. I'm upset and i need a release, because if i stayed silent in this house alone without getting it out i would lose my mind. Just send me to the rubber room now!

The one thing I'm grateful for is the fact that I'm my own boss, so i don't have to be at work in the AM. I can work my own schedule, so this delicious cup of java can keep me company so i can stay awake for phone calls!

Thus far in 2011 we honor the following fallen officers:
Patch image: Clark County Sheriff's Office, OH Deputy Sheriff Suzanne Hopper
Clark County Sheriff's Office, OH
EOW: Saturday, January 1, 2011
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Patch image: Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office, TX Deputy Sheriff John Norsworthy
Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office, TX
EOW: Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Cause of Death: Automobile accident
Patch image: Rainier Police Department, OR Chief of Police Ralph Painter
Rainier Police Department, OR
EOW: Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Patch image: Baltimore City Police Department, MD Police Officer William H. Torbit Jr.
Baltimore City Police Department, MD
EOW: Sunday, January 9, 2011
Cause of Death: Gunfire (Accidental)
Patch image: Davie Police Department, FL Police Officer Rogerio Morales
Davie Police Department, FL
EOW: Thursday, January 13, 2011
Cause of Death: Heart attack
Patch image: Dallas Police Department, TX Police Officer Kevin P. Marceau
Dallas Police Department, TX
EOW: Friday, January 14, 2011
Cause of Death: Struck by vehicle
Patch image: Lakewood Police Department, NJ Police Officer Christopher Matlosz
Lakewood Police Department, NJ
EOW: Friday, January 14, 2011
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Patch image: Livonia Police Department, MI Police Officer Larry Nehasil
Livonia Police Department, MI
EOW: Monday, January 17, 2011
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Patch image: Columbus Division of Police, OH Police Officer Tom Hayes
Columbus Division of Police, OH
EOW: Thursday, January 20, 2011
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Patch image: Miami-Dade Police Department, FL Detective Roger Castillo
Miami-Dade Police Department, FL
EOW: Thursday, January 20, 2011
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Patch image: Miami-Dade Police Department, FL Detective Amanda Haworth
Miami-Dade Police Department, FL
EOW: Thursday, January 20, 2011
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Patch image: Sumter Police Department, SC Corporal Charles Richard (Chuck) Nesbitt Jr.
Sumter Police Department, SC
EOW: Friday, January 21, 2011
Cause of Death: Automobile accident
Patch image: St. Petersburg Police Department, FL Sergeant Tom Baitinger
St. Petersburg Police Department, FL
EOW: Monday, January 24, 2011
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Patch image: St. Petersburg Police Department, FL Police Officer Jeffrey Yaslowitz
St. Petersburg Police Department, FL
EOW: Monday, January 24, 2011
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Patch image: Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, IN Officer David S. Moore
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, IN
EOW: Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Patch image: New York State Department of Correctional Services, NY Corrections Officer Casimiro Pomales
New York State Department of Correctional ..., NY
EOW: Friday, January 28, 2011
Cause of Death: Automobile accident
Patch image: Washington State Department of Corrections, WA Correctional Officer Jayme Lee Biendl
Washington State Department of Corrections, WA
EOW: Saturday, January 29, 2011
Cause of Death: Assault
Patch image: Florida Department of Corrections, FL Correctional Officer Colonel Greg Malloy
Florida Department of Corrections, FL
EOW: Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Patch image: Nassau County Police Department, NY Police Officer Michael J. Califano
Nassau County Police Department, NY
EOW: Saturday, February 5, 2011
Cause of Death: Automobile accident
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