Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And Justice for All

This video is extremely powerful.

I am so happy to see the blue line strong and impenetrable in defense of Officer Crowley.

Kelly King has said it all. Thank you Kelly for your very powerful words and actions!

Please watch to the end.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Monday morning i started my daily weekday routine expecting everything to be the same. I arrived at work, put all of my things away, logged into my email account only to be met with something out of the ordinary; an e-mail titled "Grandma" and it wasn't from a spam address either, it was from my Aunt with a time stamp of 4:30am

In it she mentioned my Grandmother was taken to the emergency room. Before i finished reading it i was already on the phone with her getting the scoop. You see my Aunt lives 2 states away and if anything happens i can be the in between until she gets here.

She explained the situation and what happened, and that she was headed up and should be here close to lunch time and will update me as she gets more details.

Shortly after lunch she was finally admitted and had a room. My Aunt explained that her ankle was broken from a fall she took out of bed, and that she isn't urinating and her legs are swollen. She was also sick with some sort of stomach flu for a few days and was very weak, which is what caused the fall in the first place. Personally, i know that her ankle is the least of our problems right now. The fact that she's swollen and not urinating is a huge indicator that something big is going on.

The next day my Aunt contacted me late morning to fill me in on the latest. They were waiting for biopsy results from another Dr. that was unrelated to her fall. Meanwhile, she was just going through tons of tests and that she and my Uncle were headed back home. No sense waiting around the hospital if she's in testing for a few days.

I spoke to my Grandmother on the phone and she sounded very weak, which is understandable, but she had her bearings so i wasn't too concerned yet.

Well, this morning was a whole new day. My Aunt called me first thing this morning. My Grandmother took a turn for the worst over night and is in and out of consciousness. She's running a fever and they don't know why because not all of the tests are back yet. She was heading back up Thursday.

OK so now I'm expecting things to be a bit unsettled, my emotions were calm. Let's face it the woman is almost 90 yrs old, she's not going to live forever, as much as we all would hope she would.

Late morning brought even more bad news. My Aunt called me to let me know that the results from the biopsy were in. My Grandmother has Cancer. She doesn't remember what kind because it was something she never heard of. We do know it's somewhere down by the reproductive area/lower abdomen etc.

OK so now the game has changed drastically. They cannot treat her for the cancer because she has an infection. Any chemo or radiation now will kill all chances of survival if her immune system weakens with an infection on board. They can't operate because of her age because she will never survive this type of operation.

My Aunt had asked that my Grandmother not be told about the cancer until she gets there tomorrow. My cousin is flying in from CA and would like to be there when they break this news to her. Which is fine because it will also give them time to do an MRI of the area to see how bad it is. My Grandmother is now saying she has tremendous pain in her lower spine, kidney and lower abdomen, her bladder isn't functioning properly either, which in my "opinion" is most likely related to the cancer.

I decided not to go to the hospital tonight because i couldn't face her knowing what i know without giving up a clue that something bigger that is going on. I opted to call her instead. She sounded tired and uncomfortable, which is expected, but i tried to make her laugh and tell her funny things. Like when she mentioned she couldn't poop. lol i said "well you were sick with a stomach bug and are now on IV food! of course you can't! cause there is nothing to poop out!" she laughed and said that i made a good point. Which made her feel better I'm sure, even if for a moment.

She kept complaining about her pain, and that she hoped this was the end because she wanted me, my brother and my cousin to get an inheritance. I tried over and over to tell her that the most important thing was her health and that the inheritance is not ours to have right now and to use all of it to get better. She argued, like always, and said that's what she wants and not to be "here" anymore.

So for about 15 minutes more i had to try and change her way of speaking, all the while not blowing up into a big ball of tears.

I KNOW she's going to die soon. It's a matter of time now. That hardest part is being "happy" on the phone with her. She has NO CLUE she has cancer.. NO CLUE! and i can't say anything. This was my test of strength, and i passed. Until i hung up the phone.

Hysterically crying I called Kyle immediately. The hardest part for me is dealing with the fact that i know she's terminal and she doesn't. She's talking to me like everything is like the last time: she'll get better and go back to her old people community. Not this time Grandma.

Kyle is my rock right now. He knows how to calm me and make me laugh and help me forget what's going on even if for a few moments. I truly do love him and i can't wait to be his wife.

Thank you my love for your support.

Thankfully, tomorrow she will be made aware of her situation in it's entirety. So when i visit with her i can cry and be happy and just talk with her honestly instead of blowing smoke up her ass.

Talk about a rock and a hard place!

Monday, July 20, 2009

RIP Det. DiNardo

I have been following the story of the Jersey City Shootout since it transpired last Thursday morning. I have been updating my blog when i hear more about the situation. You can read it here.

I am regretfully sad to report that Det. Marc DiNardo of the Jersey City PD has died as a result of his injuries. He is being kept on life support in order to fulfill his last wish, to have his organs donated.

Det. DiNardo is a true hero even in death.

My heart goes out to the family, friends and brothers and sisters with whom he shared his life. It is a shame when an innocent victim succombs to this crazy world, even sadder when it's a police officer just protecting innocents from these animals.

He leaves behind a wife and 3 small children.

I want to unleash my anger, but i will use another page to do that on. I would like to keep this one clean and respectful in case anyone he knows or that knows him happens upon my blog.

8 COPS Injured - 5 shot in Jersey City shootout

COMMENTARY 7/20/09 8:25 PM

On my way home tonight. The Jersey Guys talk radio show on NJ101.5 was talking about Det. Dinardo's death. That was the first i had heard all day about his passing.

Callers were calling in to the show outraged by the article below written by Michaelangelo Conte of the Jersey Journal. Caller after caller getting more and more irate and angry with each passing second on the air until the last caller that i heard before i exited my vehicle.

He was a police officer from an unknown town/city. He called in to rebut something another caller had said about cops being trained to kill (which, if anyone knows a police officer personally is an outrageous statement to make. Cops are trained to stop a situation.). After his explanation he mentioned that Mr. Michaelangelo Conte is a local writer for the Jersey Journal that is always fishing for stories about cops, and spins it in any way he can against them. He targets mostly Union, Hudson, Essex counties etc. (Gee, the counties with the most ghettos, is this Al Sharpton Jr. in the making?!? hiding behind a typewr..err.. umm pc?) Stop the shit stirring Mr. Conte, you are focusing on the wrong set of people in this case!

In this article his focus was on the 19 bullets they pulled from this asshole's body. one great shot to the bitch's head though, i commend the office that placed that bullet in her skull. WAY TO GO!

19 bullets in my logical opinion is minimal given the amount of officers that were firing upon these animals. I'd say that was showing a lot of restraint. Had that been me (in a perfect world) i would have taken a shot gun to his face and make him die a slow death. Maybe blew off a his hands first so he couldn't use his weapon anymore... yeah I'm twisted, but I'm also outraged! 19 bullets aren't enough for this piece of shit!

Ya see, in Jersey, there is no death penalty, even for cop killers. Our wonderful tree hugging democratic @#$&(#&% ended that. So had they just "caught" these two animals we would be paying for them to be in jail on appeal after appeal until they made parole or whatever would become of them.

In my opinion, The Jersey City PD did the right thing. Other than the police getting injured and dying they provided these two scumbags with their life sentences, saving the NJ taxpayer a ton of money in legal fees as well as knowing they will never get out to harm the public ever again. Thanks guys and gals!

Now that brings me to the internal investigation. Since Mr. Conte was nice enough to start a public outcry in response to the 19 bullets, the PD has to make sure they are meticulous in their investigation. Which, I'm sure, is something that is handled with kid-gloves anyway in today's climate.


If Rev. Al Sharpton decides to butt he fat ass into this case, these poor police are going to have to go through trials and suspensions and undue stress (on top of the stress they and their families are already under) to deal with the public outcry of those that have nothing better to do but to spill out racial BS/cops against the black man etc.

What about the Law Enforcement Family outcry?! oh wait, i forgot we do that in a respectable manner, with dignity, because it's the RIGHT thing to do. Not gather in the streets acting like animals.

I am very angry at the events that lead up to me having to write this blog page. I can be more vulgar and say things i shouldn't but I'll try not to get any worse. It won't help the situation anyway, and i realize that. But being so close to the LE family, having a lot of friends that are LEO's to marrying in to it, it hits home FAST and HARD. That could be me one day, left with 3 kids and no husband. And as much as there is a lot of support now, once time passes the widows are left alone to hold everything together, all because their husbands went to work to serve and protect us from people like
Hassian Hosendove and Amanda Anderson.

In Closing:
To the poor man that got shot at work and left to die in the street, (ya gotta love the NJ public right? guy dying in the middle of the road and no one stops to help). The poor people that were held at gun point in a string of armed robberies from SC to NJ. The police that are injured, both mentally and physically, the families of all involved, and of course to Det. DiNardo's family - you are all in my prayers. May each passing moment bring more healing to you.
(Det. Marc DiNardo would have turned 38 this Wednesday. Happy Birthday Detective.)

The family requests in lieu of flowers, that donations be made to the scholarship fund established by the Jersey City Police Officer's Benevolent Association. All contributions should be made to the JCPOBA Marc Anthony DiNardo Memorial Fund.


UPDATED 7/20/09 2:27 PM:

Autopsies: 19 bullets recovered from man killed in Jersey City shootout, single bullet from wife

by Michaelangelo Conte/The Jersey Journal
Monday July 20, 2009, 1:00 PM

Nineteen bullets were recovered from the body of Hassian Hosendove, 32, killed in the shootout with Jersey City police Thursday, according to his autopsy report.
Amanda Anderson, 22, was killed by a single bullet to the base of her skull in the shootout with Jersey City police last week, according to her autopsy report.

Nineteen bullets were recovered from the body of the man killed Thursday morning in the shootout with Jersey City police, officials said.

The woman killed had just one bullet wound, to the base of her skull, DeFazio said.

"The results of the autopsies speak for themselves," Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio told The Jersey Journal today of the postmortems performed Friday on Hassian Hosendove, 32, and his wife, Amanda Anderson, 22, who died in their Reed Street apartment.

Four Jersey City police officers and one Port Authority cop were shot during the incident and three other officers suffered other injuries.

According to the autopsy report, Hosendove was wearing a tan-colored, full-length caftan robe and he had a small bottle of prayer oil in his pants pocket, DeFazio said.

He had gunshot wounds to his head, torso and extremities, DeFazio said.

Hosendove, who also went by the name Hassan Shakur, had a tattoo on his left bicep reading "Hassian" and a tattoo of a pair of dice on his right bicep.

Anderson was wearing a dark green robe, with a black scarf on her head and a black scarf on her neck, DeFazio said.

She was only shot once, and the bullet was removed from the base of Anderson's skull during the autopsy performed at the state Regional Medical Examiner's Office in Newark, DeFazio said.

The couple were wanted in the June 18 shooting of a Sleepy Hollow, N.Y., man who was reporting to his job at the 30 Minute Oil Change on Broadway in Jersey City.

On Friday, police said they may have been responsible for a string of armed robberies from South Carolina to New Jersey.

UPDATE 7/17/09 7:08 AM:
Published: July 16, 2009

Just before dawn Thursday, an officer on stakeout was shot in his cruiser, and the assailant, who concealed his shotgun under a friar’s robe, ran into a Jersey City tenement and holed up with a woman. Officers in riot gear moved in — up the dark stairways, into the halls, where more would be shot.

The New York Times

Evacuations were terrifying. Officers shouted and banged on doors. Not everyone got out. The officers approached a third-floor apartment. Some used a battering ram to break the door down, and shotgun blasts came back at them. One officer was hit in the face, another in the neck. As other officers dragged them out of the line of fire, two more were hit.

Then, as officers rushed in, a thundering barrage of gunfire, shotgun blasts and percussion grenades erupted — 30 booms in a sustained 15-second roar, a neighbor said. When it was over, a man and woman suspected in a robbery lay dead, and five officers were wounded, two critically, in a shootout that seemed to encapsulate the dangers and heroism of urban police work.

“It was a terrible gunfight,” Jerramiah T. Healy, the mayor of New Jersey’s second-largest city, said at a news briefing, detailing a 90-minute siege that culminated in a four-minute gun battle at 24 Reed Street — the worst violence in years in a rapidly gentrifying old railroad town of 240,000 across the Hudson from the towers of Lower Manhattan.

Thomas J. Comey, the Jersey City police chief, said of the gunman, Hassan A. Shakur, 32, “This individual came fully ready to go to war with us.” Mr. Shakur was killed, along with his companion, Amanda Anderson, 22. The chief said the assailant’s weapon, a pump-action 12-gauge shotgun with a retractable stock and a sling lined with slotted shells, was “a gun meant for nothing other than to hunt a man.”

At the Jersey City Medical Center, four blocks from the shooting, doctors said the officer shot in the face, Marc DiNardo, 37, a 10-year police veteran, arrived in full cardiac arrest, but was revived and stabilized in extremely critical condition. Two shotgun blast fragments were removed from the neck of the other critically wounded officer, Michael Camacho, 25, a five-year veteran of the force.

Dr. Bruno Molino, the chief of trauma, said the next day or two would be pivotal for the two officers’ survival. “These officers are extremely lucky to be alive,” he said. Less seriously injured were Officer Dennis Mitchell, 35, of the Port Authority police, who was shot in the arm; Frank Molina Jr., 35, hit in his bullet-resistant vest; and Marc Lavelle, 43, who grazed in the leg while in his cruiser.

In a curious twist, Chief Comey noted that Officer DiNardo arrested Mr. Shakur in Jersey City in 2002 on a weapons possession charge. New Jersey Department of Corrections records showed that Mr. Shakur was convicted in Hudson County and sentenced to five years in prison, indicating that he may have been released recently. The shotgun the police said he used on Thursday was reported to have been stolen in North Carolina in 2007.

Investigators said the violence began early Thursday in a gritty neighborhood of three- and four-story buildings interspersed with empty lots overgrown with grass, of bodegas and small beauty salons that stand in stark contrast to the glittering new towers on Jersey City’s Hudson River waterfront.

Chief Comey said the police were staking out a red Ford believed to have been used by a man, accompanied by a woman, who shot a 43-year-old man in the abdomen during a shotgun robbery outside a Jersey City oil-change garage on June 18. The assailants were caught on a surveillance video fleeing in the car. The victim emerged from a medically induced coma on July 7, but has been unable to talk to investigators. The red Ford, the only clue to tracking the assailants, was found in recent days parked near Reed Street.

About 5:15 a.m., the man and woman, dressed in hooded cloaks that Mayor Healy described as similar to “friar’s garb,” were seen approaching the Ford, the authorities said. A detective watching on closed-circuit TV alerted Detective Lavelle and his partner, Mike Kelly, who were in an unmarked car nearby.

The woman was trying to get to the car when she saw the officers and started running. Detective Lavelle, in the driver’s seat, pulled up alongside the Ford; Officer Kelly had stepped from the passenger’s side of the cruiser to confront the man. In a single motion, the man whirled, flung off the robe, raised his shotgun and fired. Officer Kelly was not hit, but the windshield of the cruiser was blown out, and Detective Lavelle was grazed in the leg. The blast ripped the passenger’s seat to shreds.

The woman picked up the gunman’s cloak, and both suspects ran around the corner and into the Reed Street building. At the entrance, the male suspect again fired at the officers, who radioed for backup support. Jersey City officers, Hudson County sheriff’s deputies and officers from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey swarmed to the scene, and surrounded the place and began preparations for an evacuation and siege.

From his apartment across the street, Khurm Muntaz made a video of officers hugging the front of the building, men in helmets under the bulk of protective vests and carrying heavy weapons. Shortly after 6 a.m., they moved in and began what officials called a floor-by-floor search and evacuation. Residents who had heard gunshots outside began hearing officers running and yelling in the hallways.

Many of the 20 apartments were evacuated, but not all. On the third floor, Rich Pratt, 47, said it sounded like many people galloping in the hallways. Then he heard something strike his door. A moment later, officers with drawn weapons burst in and ordered him to get into his bathtub with his dog. He complied, but soon after rushed out of the building. “These guys looked like robots,” Mr. Pratt said.

About 6:30 a.m., Chief Comey said, officers outside the building noticed movement in a window of Apartment 3B, where the suspects had hidden, and at 6:44, they broke down the door. Next door, in 3C, Greg Cefaratti, 55, a chef, said he heard banging sounds, and a voice saying, “Open the door, honey.” Then, he said, a long sustained burst of gunfire and explosions erupted from the apartment next door.

As officers in the hallway battered open the door of 3B, shotgun blasts were fired through the door and adjacent walls. Officer Camacho, in front, was struck in the neck, just above his protective vest, and Officer DiNardo was hit in the face. As firing continued, officers dragged their wounded comrades along hallways and down stairs, leaving blood trails all the way to the street.

Then, Mr. Cefaratti said, the climax of the gun battle took place, as officers rushed into the apartment where the gunman was holed up. “I heard about 30 shots,” he said. It was a sustained roar of pistol or rifle fire, shotgun blasts and the boom of percussion grenades used to blind and shock suspects in a confined space.

Mr. Cefaratti said he retreated to the rear of his apartment and was in his bedroom when police officers entered with drawn guns and ordered him to put his hands in the air. In the apparent confusion of the battle, when it was unclear if the gunman had accomplices in adjacent apartments, Mr. Cefaratti was ordered to lie face down, then handcuffed and taken to a station house, where he was released after questioning.

Outside, two medics provided the first treatment for the most seriously wounded officers. Michael Saul, 34, a mobile intensive care nurse, aided Officer Camacho, and Ashleigh Grillot tried to help Officer DiNardo. He had suffered severe injuries to the jaw and below one eye. Another emergency medical technician, August Johansen, 32, said the police shouted at them to warn them of the danger.

“Don’t move!” Mr. Johansen quoted officers as saying. “You’re in the hot zone.”

“We were in the line of fire,” Mr. Johansen said. Reporting was contributed by Barbara Gray, Christine Hauser, Colin Moynihan, Liz Robbins and Nate Schweber.
UPDATED 7/16/09 4:30 PM:

JERSEY CITY, N.J. - Five police officers were shot — two of them critically wounded — in a running gunfight Thursday morning that began during a police stakeout of two armed robbery suspects in New Jersey's second-largest city.

Both suspects were killed in the shootout, which began on the street about 5 a.m. and ended when SWAT officers fought their way into an apartment where the man and woman had taken cover. The assaulting officers were met by shotgun blasts that ripped through the apartment building's walls and doors.

One of the suspects had "some kind of automatic shotgun," Mayor Jerramiah Healy said. Residents of the complex said they awoke to the sounds of gunfire and police running down their halls.

Marlon Harrison said gunshots echoed off the alley wall outside his second-floor apartment window.

"It was like the Army out there," Harrison said.

Doctors at Jersey City Medical Center said the most seriously injured officer was in full cardiac arrest, with no signs of life, when he arrived for treatment. Doctors had to bring him back to life "five or six times" before they could stabilize him, he said.

Dr. Bruno Molino, the chief of trauma at Jersey City Medical Center, said the officer received a shotgun blast to the left side of his face and will require reconstructive surgery to repair his jaw, sinus and the area below his eye.

Image: Police investigate the scene of shootout
Rich Schultz / AP
Police investigate the scene of a shooting on Reed Street in Jersey City on Thursday.

Molino said his team removed two "foreign objects" from the neck of the second officer. He said the next 24 to 48 hours are pivotal for the survival of both men, who have been sedated and are in critical but stable condition

"These officers are extremely lucky to be alive," said Molino, 37. "We're very fortunate to be discussing this at all."

The suspects were being sought in connection with an armed robbery last month in which they allegedly shot a man in the abdomen with the same shotgun. Healy said the duo was suspected of similar criminal activity in South Carolina.

Authorities said that the woman did not have a firearm, but that her partner wielded his weapon with deadly intent, sending residents scrambling for cover in a violent neighborhood known for illegal drug sales.

"This individual came fully ready to go to war with us," said Police Chief Tom Comey. "This is a gun meant for nothing other than to hunt a man."

Image: Detectives investigate the scene of a shootout
Rich Schultz / AP
A detective examines a pair of pants in Jersey City crime scene.

When the gunfire stopped, both suspects were dead and five officers were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. Three other officers were treated for minor injuries, such as flying glass.

Police identified the vehicle used in the earlier robbery from surveillance video. Investigators learned the suspects moved it each morning to avoid getting a ticket and staked the vehicle out.

The gunfight began when the suspects approached their car. The man pulled out a pump-action shotgun and fired at the marked police car, blowing out its windshield. One of the officers was shot in the leg.

The subsequent injuries all took place during the apartment assault. The fourth officer wounded was shot in the chest, but the blast was absorbed by his bulletproof vest. The fifth victim, a member of the emergency services unit of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, was shot in the arm.

No names have been released.

The street where the shooting took place remained roped off with police tape as investigators checked a weed-strewn vacant lot nearby for bullets.

UPDATE 7/16/09 11:54 AM:

by Julie O'Connor/The Star-Ledger
Thursday July 16, 2009, 11:16 AM

JERSEY CITY -- Five police officers were wounded in an early morning shootout that left two suspects dead, Police Chief Thomas J. Comey said at a news conference this morning.

Two of the officers are in critical, but stable, condition in the Jersey City Medical Center, two others are in the hospital with lessor injuries and the the fifth was treated and released, Comey said. He declined to identify the officers or the suspects.

Jersey City Police officers at the corner of Reed Street and Bergen Avenue.

Another news conference is planned for 2 p.m.

The incident started just after 5 a.m. at 24 Reed St., off Bergen Avenue, an area residents say is known for drug trafficking. Neighbors said they heard multiple shots and then the area was swarmed with police and SWAT officers.

Comey said his officer were staking out a suspect in a "major crime" that was related to a video recently released by Jersey City police. He wouldn't be more specific.

The officers had been watching the suspect and his car since 11 p.m. Wednesday. Today's events started when the suspect went to his car about 5 a.m. and an officer approach him.

The suspect pulled out a pump-shotgun, fired on the officers, and retreated to the apartment.

"This individual came fully pre0ared to go to war with us ... and he took it out on those police officers," Comey said.

The officers then called for back-ups, including Port Authority of New York and New Jersey officers.

About an hour later, a SWAT team stormed the apartment, Comey said, triggering a fire fight and included bullets shots through doors and walls. The two suspects were killed and the additional police injuries took place, he said.

The most seriously injured officer was shot in the face and brought to the hospital in "full cardiac arrest," doctors said. They called it a "minor miracle" that he has stabilized.

"This could be a happy ending," said Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy.

Members of the New Jersey Transit Police Emergency Service Unit us a a metal detector to search for evidence in an empty lot across the street from 24 Reed St. where a shooting took place.
Jersey City police investigate the scene of a police involved shooting at the corner of Reed Street and BerganAvenue.



07/16/09) JERSEY CITY (AP) - Five Jersey City police officers were shot, and two of them are in critical condition, after a gunbattle that broke out when they approached a car connected to a robbery. Officials say two suspects were killed in the "terrible gunfight."

Two of the critically injured officers are undergoing surgery. Officials say one of the officers was shot in the face and the other was hit in the neck.

Mayor Jerramiah Healy says a gunfight erupted after officers approached two people headed for a car connected to an armed robbery. He says the two suspects ran into an apartment, and shotgun blasts shattered the door and wall.

The suspects' names have not been released.

Officials say other officers were injured in the shootout.

Healy says the incident began around 5 a.m. Thursday.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

And then there is the OTHER side.

I was shocked and appalled when i ran across this article.
I guess that's one bad apple out of the bunch before it can totally spoil it.

Anchorage officer accused of rape while on duty

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A decorated Anchorage police officer has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple women while he was on duty.

Anthony Rollins, a 13-year veteran and former department spokesman, was indicted by a grand jury and arrested Wednesday. He's being held on a $100,000 bond.

"Let me stress that Rollins' alleged actions are aberrant and detestable," Police Chief Rob Heun said at a press conference. "Officers are compelled to function independently within the confines of the laws they are sworn to uphold and have the authority to enforce. They are and should be trusted to protect life, to protect property and maintain order."

Rollins, 41, is charged with four counts of first-degree sexual assault, six counts of second-degree sexual assault, four counts of criminal use of a computer and six counts of official misconduct.

A local group that supports victims of sexual assault , Standing Together Against Rape , brought one woman's allegations to the police department's attention in April.

Authorities said that police, with assistance from the FBI, then began an investigation into Rollins' past contact with women, and found five more alleged victims as far back as March 2006. Heun would not elaborate on how Rollins met the women, saying only that Rollins encountered them during field interviews.

Details of the assaults were sketchy in the indictment documents. Police and prosecutors also gave few details, saying the investigation is ongoing.

Rollins, who is married, has been honored by police several times. Last year, he received the department's Medal of Valor for rescuing a man from a burning building. In 2004, he received the department's Meritorious Conduct award for his role in an anti-bullying program in local schools.

Nancy Haag, executive director of Standing Together Against Rape, said the group does not comment on specific individuals or cases.

"Any sexual assault is traumatic and I'm sure an authority figure only compounds that trauma, fear and hopelessness," she said. "In general, the issues that need to be recognized here are those who perpetrate these crimes need to be held accountable and the survivors need deserve to be heard, believed and offered support."

Rollins is set for a court appearance on Friday.

This undated photo released by the Anchorage Police Department shows Anthony Rollins, a 13-year Anchorage police officer and former department spokesman. Rollins was indicted by a grand jury and arrested Wednesday July 15, 2009 in Anchorage, Alaska for sexually assaulting multiple women while he was on duty. He's been charged with four counts of first-degree sexual assault, six counts of second-degree assault, four counts of criminal use of a computer, and six counts of official misconduct. (AP Photo/Anchorage Police Dept.)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Snowball Effect

My future hubby's favorite line at a motor vehicle stop is "this is what we call the snowball effect" and it's quite catchy.

The first time I ever heard him use this line was when i was on the phone with him during a traffic stop (he had me on speaker in his shirt pocket lol). The car he pulled over was initially stopped because he was driving without his lights on (how one does that at night and does not realize it is beyond me). While getting his credentials it was determined he was a provisional driver, no insurance, expired registration, but it was Mom's car so not too too bad.

Kyle let him call Mommy instead of towing the car, and gave her and him the appropriate summonses based on his discretion. While mom was there Kyle used his popular snowball line on her and him simultaneously, "This is what I call the snowball effect, had you had your lights on i never would have stopped you, you wouldn't be ticketed and most likely would be home by now. Now you not only have fines to pay but also you, or rather your mom, has to take time from work to go to court to answer these tickets. Bottom line, keep your paperwork and policies up to date, and follow the law and this won't happen again. When it's dark? put your lights on. Have a great evening."

This brings me to the next topic:

Two nights ago, i was on the phone with Kyle and calls were coming in left and right for an officer down in another town. All local police to that area were headed there in droves. For nearly 12 hours you heard nothing about it on the news, and what i did find on the internet was a 2 sentence article about the incident. Again, our media is a joke, but anyway.

This morning i finally found a detailed article about the incident. Again, the snowball effect took place.


Police officer dragged by car near new SONIC on Route 17
Date: Wednesday, July 15 @ 20:06:51 UTC
Topic: Breaking News

By John Soltes

HASBROUCK HEIGHTS (July 15, 2009, 4 p.m.) — A Hasbrouck Heights police officer was struck and dragged by a car last night, July 14, right near the newly-opened SONIC Drive-in on Route 17 just north of the Wood-Ridge border.

Because of the accident, police have arrested 23-year-old Daniel Yi, of Hackensack, and charged him with second-degree aggravated assault, second-degree eluding in a motor vehicle and a fourth-degree driving without a driver's license offense.

Click the READ MORE link below for the complete story.

Top photo, BCPO
Bottom by John Soltes

By John Soltes

HASBROUCK HEIGHTS (July 15, 2009, 4 p.m.) — A Hasbrouck Heights police officer was struck and dragged by a car last night, July 14, right near the newly-opened SONIC Drive-in on Route 17 just north of the Wood-Ridge border. Because of the accident, police have arrested 23-year-old Daniel Yi, of Hackensack, and charged him with second-degree aggravated assault, second-degree eluding in a motor vehicle and a fourth-degree driving without a driver's license offense.

Yi was also issued summonses for reckless driving, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and unlawful u-turn.

At approximately 10 p.m., police first received a call to respond to the scene. Eye witnesses claim that Yi attempted to enter the busy SONIC parking lot, but was denied by the Hasbrouck Heights police officer, who was wearing a reflective vest and uniform and conducting traffic.

Yi refused the officer's direction, police later said, and still attempted to enter the SONIC Drive-in. While he was attempting to obtain a driver's license, registration and insurance card, Yi sped off with the officer still hanging off Yi's black Acura MDX, authorities added.

Yi's car was then struck by another vehicle, as it was crossing the lanes of Route 17 northbound, police said. From the accident, the officer — later identified as Corey Lange — sustained a broken leg, lacerations and a serious fracture to his ankle requiring surgery. Yi, who is a waiter at a restaurant in Wayne, was not injured.

Yi was remanded to Bergen County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bail with no 10 percent option.

The incident is being investigated by the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office Fatal Accident Investigation Unit and the Bergen County Police Department.


This is a 2-fold snow ball:
1. Had Mr. Yi not been driving, (since he didn't have a license), he wouldn't have been at the Sonic to hit Officer Lange in the first place (and being that the other Sonic on Rt. 46 is Totowa IS currently open and in the neighboring town to where Mr. Yi lives, there was no reason for him to be all the way in Hasbrouck Heights anyway, but it is America and he's entitled to go wherever he wants.

2. Had Mr. Yi just had more self control and less anger issues (like his picture depicts of his shitty attitude) he wouldn't have flown off of the handle and would have not hit Officer Lange.

Do you see Mr. Yi how your actions have created this excellent situation you are in? You might be looking at jail time kiddo, and hopefully you do. You selfish son-of-a-bitch. Oh and they don't have Sonic in jail either, so enjoy the freedom you have right now, maybe eat yourself sick of those Sonic burgers.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's all about Sunday Morning

This past Sunday, my future hubby and I, were eating breakfast watching Sunday Morning on CBS. There was a story rolling that caught our attention, and immediately after the story Charles Osgood began the all-to-familiar MJ story line. I wanted to throw my coffee at the TV, until the footage rolled...

I went from anger to tears in about 3 seconds flat. Ruined my breakfast for a moment, but that's OK. My plight was heard, either directly or indirectly, or simply because i am not the only person in America tired of hearing the MJ bullshit.

I am so happy that Sunday Morning ran this story and in the manner that they did. I just wish the nightly news would follow suit.

Look, I understand War is scary and depressing, and most of the tree hugging Americans don't want to hear about violence and bloodshed, but it doesn't take away from the fact that there are soldiers from all countries, not just ours, dying everyday to fight for the freedoms of normal people all across the world!

Everyone trashed GWB for the war in Iraq, but yet we are still there under the new Messiah's administration, and now we are moving on to other countries as well. Is it right? God only knows, but what isn't right is the fact that our media chooses to only air bad things about the war (if anything at all these days).

I have had friends come and go from Iraq, as many people have in the last 9 years. I have one headed back for his 3rd tour. For those of them that were able to have PC access when not running convoy missions, they posted about their experiences and even posted pictures. It's not all bad! We are doing great things in those countries for the law abiding citizens and children. We aren't just walking in there guns blazing and maliciously killing innocents! but you hear nothing of that.

That's because of the media's malicious hatred for our former Commander in Chief. So much so that they can't even put their tails between their legs and report the good things we are doing, or maybe taking 1 day out of the week, at the least, to celebrate the lives of those lost in combat. It's a sad state of affairs when people rather hear about some celebrity, or sports figure, than to hear about a fellow tax paying citizen that has the balls to go and put his/her life in harms way. To take a member of the family unit out and leave their loved ones with the possibility every single day that they may not return home. How sad is that!!!!?

Then there's the analysts, gotta love them, posting polls and surveys on the news about how the racial component comes into play for the entire MJ circus. Blacks are more celebratory of MJ's life and mourning his passing blah blah blah, and whites are angry about the coverage. This came from a black female analyst, which based on her ramblings, is a racist herself. That is why racism will never die, but i can give this woman a clear - street value- explanation. The ghettofabs do nothing but live to be sports players or entertainers. It's what they know and what they follow. It gives them something to focus on other than getting a job and not living off of the feds. One of their HUGE entertainers died.. omg it's a travesty. You took their Elvis away. If he was white? well he kind of was, but that's neither here nor there, they wouldn't have been paying any attention at all. It's their culture. Doesn't make them bad people, it's just their choice.

My choice is to want to hear about the war, the soldiers, etc. One or two days of coverage for MJ would have been enough. Then a nice broadcast on his history and blah blah.. The media made a circus out of someone whom already was living the circus lifestyle. I don't even think former entertainer and President Ronald Reagan had this much coverage. So sorry if my hatred portrays me as a racist, but there are more important things in life.

Now that the circus has moved on, and LA is left to pay for Jacko's funeral with money they DON'T have, maybe just maybe the news will hear all of our bitching and run some stories about our soldiers. Well, we can only hope and pray.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Going Wacko over Jacko

Enough is Enough already!!!
How many days of ridiculous coverage of Michael Jackson can we really take?? When is it considered overkill?

After day 2 i was sick of it, and my overkill hit yesterday when i heard the shit-stirrer Al Sharpton call for a National Day of Mourning in regards to his death. I've heard enough.

9/11 isn't even a NATIONAL DAY OF MOURNING! Pearl Harbor got it's day on the calendar and we celebrate that for what it's worth, but 9/11 the day in which thousands of CIVILIANS and POLICE AND FIRE AND EMS people lost their lives.. yet.. we still do not celebrate that as a NATIONAL DAY OF MOURNING.

Hey AL! your got your priorities in a tangle as usual! oh wait.. sorry.. my bad.. MJ is black.. umm err he was black. Now he's some freakishly white color. Now if for some reason a good Samaritan would do us the great favor of taking you out we will certainly add you to the "day of mourning" list.. happily.

The media coverage of this circus is utterly ridiculous. Day in and Day out-none stop coverage of a drug addicted pedophile when a couple of days ago "7" of our great soldiers died in Afghanistan. Do you know where i "read" that story? when i opened my e-mail on yahoo. The story was a 1 line headline so-to-speak. No TV coverage, or radio coverage. NOTHING. Our soldiers are dying in vain! so some Stupid crackpot mediocre singer at best can have a circus funeral. I'm done with it, and something needs to change.

I'm going to start by writing every single news station in my metro area. I am going to tell them how disgusted i am with their poor judgment. Their lack of news coverage and celebration of the lives of our soldiers that have passed, the cops that die in the street everyday protecting us, the fire fighters that die frequently saving us, and all other Emergency service personnel that put their lives at risk so that we can be safe and alive and to see our families at the end of our day.

As for MJ? appropriately called Jacko the Wacko.. so what if everyone loved him.. and FYI not everyone DID. I didn't! i never did! I think Thriller was the only song i liked as a child and it was only when i was able to see the video on MTV. My family didn't, most of my friends didn't either.
And apparently a political figure in NY doesn't either. Here is what he had to say and i agree 100%:
(Story taken from Rolling Stone Magazine and the Telegraph. UK)

Congressman Peter T. King, a U.S. Congressman from New York’s Long Island, has come under fire from Michael Jackson fans after making some scathing statements about the King of Pop in a video this past weekend. Talking directly to the camera outside of the American Legion in Wantagh, New York, King said, “This low-life, Michael Jackson — his name, his face, his picture — is all over the newspaper, television, radio… Let’s knock out the psychobabble. He was a pervert, a child molester, he was a pedophile. And to be giving this much coverage to him, day in and day out, what does it say about us as a country?” Jackson was acquitted of child molestation charges in 2005. King said "more thought should be given to Americans dying in Afghanistan and people doing difficult jobs like fire fighters and teachers".

“I just think we’re too politically correct, no one wants to stand up and say, ‘We don’t need Michael Jackson,’ ” King added. “You know, he died, he had some talent. Fine. There’s people dying every day.” King, a Republican serving his seventh term as representative for Nassau County, was upset with the media’s coverage focused on Jackson’s death and not more pertinent world issues like the Iraq War.

A rep for the Jackson family wouldn’t “dignify King’s statement with a comment,” the AP writes.

“There’s nothing good about this guy. He may have been a good singer, did some dancing… But the bottom line is, would you let your child or grandchild be in the same room as Michael Jackson? What are we glorifying him for,” King asks in the video. King later defended his statements in an interview with CNN, saying that even though Jackson was never convicted on child molestation charges, the fact that Jackson reached a monetary settlement with his accusers was evidence enough to support King’s statements.

I couldn't have said it better myself.. and if i could vote for him i would just for having balls enough to say what us little people can't because we won't be heard.

Thank you congressman Peter King!
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