Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slandering Media

Hi Everyone,
Some of you that follow me may also read or follow Roanokecop's blog and have probably seen this already.. If so, you can turn around, but i want to get the word out, and he did a marvelous job at this, so i have to share.

This is an e-mail i sent to my family and friends. Instead of rewording for here i simply copied and pasted the e-mail, sorry for any repetition.

As most of you know, I have a blog (well 4 actually). Within my blog community, i share an interest of Law Enforcement, which comes as no surprise to most of you.
Tonight, i visited a blog of a police officer in Roanoke Virginia that i follow. He always has amazing stories of his life on the beat. This time he posted something different. Something i wish that the media would grab onto and pay attention to. They truly do ruin alot of people's lives..
Remember, in the USA, you are innocent until proven guilty. The court of public opinion means nothing, and the sooner the schlubs of this country realize that the better off we will all be, but until then, all i can do is help educate through the teachings of people that know what it is like to be a police officer in the USA fighting against a relentless, sensationalized, slandering media.
Below is a link to his blog page in regards to some videos. I won't tell you what they are about, i want you to read what he says and watch the videos.
Here is a word of caution. If you cannot handle "shocking" videos then don't watch them. However, it is important to understand what he means, and doing that without watching the videos is hard to do.
He has a two part blog about this.
The first part is here:

The Second, and the most important, is here:

Thank you all
PS: if you are a police officer, and you received this.. sorry, but maybe you can also spread the word about what it is you guys/gals go through. People just don't get it.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Left and Right Had a Fight!

Of my brain that is!
You thought i was going to talk politics didn't you? lol

Seriously, I'm talking about my first High Energy Aerobics class tonight. Being as i haven't taken a serious aerobics class since high school (eons ago), my body/eye/arm/leg/right/left coordination is SHOT! lol I did the abs part no problemo, but the rest of it??? i think at one point the lady in the back laughing wasn't laughing at herself! she was laughing at me! but that is pure speculation. I'm basing this on the fact that "I" was cracking up so hard at myself! lol so i just jumped in place basically for over an hour..
(you do realize, as i write this, I'm cracking the hell up?!)

I think being as this class is for all levels.. the first night should be about trying to get those of use that have no i-fricken-dea what is going on into some sort of more coordinated fashion.. She was doing totally advance aerobics.. not that it was high paced or anything, that part i can handle, it's just the moves she was doing.. too many combos too fast! now maybe for the more advanced peeps that works.. and some women OBVIOUSLY know her routine by heart, but i don't.. The only thing i was familiar with in this class was the cafeteria i was in ( my middle school cafe!).

Never-the-less it was a good class. And I'm hopelessly optimistic that i will get the hang of this.. cause if not, i just wasted a ton of money and time! lol

Thanks for letting me laugh at myself to the world!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Facebook Phenom

I got sucked into the black hole, (or as my cousing calls it 'the procrastination black hole'). I believe that is how the phenom starts.. you just get 'sucked in' like a giant black hole.. soon everyone in the world is connected to someone in this place.. It's like the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.. Same shit.

I just couldn't, for the longest time, understand everyone's obsession with this virtual written conference call. I have a MySpace page that i haven't logged into in, oh.. a generation.. So WTF do i need to have yet ANOTHER account for? Well, then Kyle got an account, and he was all excited and showed some things to me.. like EVERYONE he's ever known is a friend now.. hmm.. ok this seems bigger and easier than MySpace. So what started off as something i had to 'just look' at, (and in order to do that you have to create an account), turned into a quick-sandesque ambush.

I found people that i haven't seen or heard from, literally, since early childhood. So now I HAVE TO make friend requests. Kyle sent people my way. He also, (how cute), sent me a boyfriend/girlfriend link so now all that visit our pages know we are together as a couple.. I was hysterically laughing this morning because it felt so high schoolish.. which i guess would be fitting since most of the people i am connecting too would be around the high school era! But it was cute, and i loved it.

I went through my high school alumni friends and wow.. i think i'm the only one without a kid.. Almost all the women are married with kids.. guys too! i feel so left out! but then again i was always the runt of the group lol so i guess it's just as fitting that i'm not a part of that either. I guess you can look at it as i'm the Belle of the Ball last one to arrive and makes the loudest noise lol! anywho, back on track..

I'm still searching for people this very minute.. I found some people (i think) but they either don't have their locations, pictures, or both so i don't want to just friend request anyone. I'll hold off, because like i said before.. the 6 degree of separation rule applies here.. so if they know someone i'm already friends with the damn thing will tell us we have a friend in common.. Holy Crap it's scary.. and it makes the world seem even smaller that you originally though it was! We need a bigger planet.. I'm feeling clausterphobic.

Is it Darwin?

You either have a death-wish or you are just plain DUMB.

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. - Police shot and killed a Ewing man following a car chase Monday night on Route 1 in central New Jersey.
The incident began about 11 p.m. when a South Brunswick police officer tried to cite 23-year-old Jacob Olson for speeding, according to the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office. Olson refused to stop and rammed the officer's cruiser with his 2007 Jeep Compass.
The chase ended after the collision, with both vehicles in an intersection about five miles northeast of Princeton.
The first officer was joined by a second as Olson exited his vehicle with a knife. He was shot by both police officers after he refused to drop the weapon and continued to advance on them, authorities said.
Olson was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, where he was pronounced dead early today.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Radar Web

I couldn't help but notice last week, the plethora of State Troopers tagging speeders on the Turnpike just outside of my building. Normally they get a couple of stops a day (like today, they had 3), but Friday they had to have tagged over 10 in the 8 hours i was at my desk, 5 of them were the big rigs. I couldn't help but think to myself, ' wow? where are they hiding to catch all of these victims?'

Well, at 4pm i found out myself!

I was driving NB on the Turnpike heading to Kyle's after work, when i found the little sneak or two. There are over-passes that are specifically used by the Troopers and the other Turnpike vehicles to cross over from NB to SB and vis-a-vis. One Trooper was sitting in the top corner of the SB side of this ramp spinning his radar web on the unsuspecting prey below. Had it not been for my vigilant eye radar (i'm always scoping for those tricksters) i never would have noticed, and therefore would not have been able to understand how the guy that passed me doing mach 90 got nailed going NB on the inner roadway!

Somewhere in their intricate strands lies another Trooper (where, i don't know) that takes it's signal from the Funnel-web Trooper spinning the web. I call this guy the worker Trooper because he/she literally does all the work. My 'spin' on it is that the Trooper spinning the web signals to the worker trooper which prey to catch and why. I'm thinking, if they are REALLY hungry, they can pick and choose the bigger prey, which in my case was a plus!
I had just entered the roadway and was cruising with the slower traffic (80 MPH, no joke is slow) i switched over to the middle lane when another car zipped past me on the left leaving me breathless from the pressure as he passed. It was at this point that i noticed the funnel-web trooper lying in wait for his prey (kind of reminded me of Need For Speed Underground when everything stops and the camera zooms in on the cop car). Shortly there-after the worker trooper zips passed me on the right and tags the guy that passed me on the left. WOW! talk about FAST! Where did that guy come from?!?

After witnessing this event my thoughts quickly turned to a couple of weeks ago when i was headed to work off my normal route. I was traveling at a meager 30 MPH, and as I approached a hill, I noticed a light bar on the left side on the roadway which i eventually noticed was attached to a black and white funnel Cop. I made it through his web unscathed, but took notice after i passed that any prey traveling in the opposing lane didn't stand a chance as the only part of him you could see was the extreme left corner of his red tail lens. He spun his web perfectly parallel to the roadway! Now this is just me, but i'm thinking any car that needs to turn down the side street that he spun his web on was going to t-bone him as he wasn't parked on the curb or another area, he parked right in the middle of the side street entrance?? hmmm.. ok he must have been hungry i guess.

My focus now turns to Kyle and all of the spots he's shown me he sits lying in wait, spinning his radar web for his unsuspecting prey to entangle themselves. There are a few of them around bends, hidden in bushes and places like that that even with my trained eye I would never see. Thankfully, i know him or else i'd be eaten alive! It helps to see those spots so when i talk to him at night and he tells me where he's spinning his web i have a visual. Wow i'm jealous.. I want to be a spider for a night, heck i'd be happy with 6 hours. I was going to say one but who are we fooling? Give me an inch i'll want a mile.
Now for my final note: All you popo's are going to be picturing spiders now when you run radar aren't ya? lol BE SAFE OUT THERE! You never know what's gonna crawl in through your window!

Because what they are doing is any better. 7 COPS hurt.

Police and pro-Palestine protesters clashed Sunday after a rally in midtown, where demonstrators expressed outrage over continued fighting in Gaza.

The scuffle erupted as hundreds of protesters spilled into the streets on Eighth Ave. and police struggled to push them onto the sidewalk, witnesses said.

"The police started spraying people with Mace or pepper spray," said
Steve Sherman of Manhattan, an antiwar activist who watched the melee. "People were falling down from it."
The fighting got worse when an Israeli supporter snatched a Palestinian flag from a man and threw it to the ground, a source said.

About 10 protesters were arrested and seven cops were injured, police said. Two
NYPD lieutenants and five officers were taken to Bellevue Hospital.

The confrontation capped a day of rallies in
New York and around the world over Israel's attacks on Gaza. "Bombing won't solve anything," said Yasser Toom, 22, of Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

At a pro-Israel rally near the
United Nations, politicians including Gov. Paterson defended the country's actions.

And My Thoughts:
While i do believe in our right to demonstration, what i don't believe is the irrational these people have that hurting OUR Cops is any better than Israel bombing Gaza (which i do believe in btw).
Seriously people! You protesting in NYC will have absolutely NO affect what-so-ever on the bombings over there thousands of miles away! Are you kidding me? It's one thing to let our Leaders know that you are upset.. Write a letter, make a sign and go stand in D.C. somewhere, but please don't come to NYC and hurt our Police Officers because you and your ancient arch enemy can't get along. THAT is why you all live here! Now if you don't like that cohabitation i suggest you go back over THERE where you can do something about it! Like, oh, duck from the bombs.
For once, get out of your own selfish heads and let it go already. Yes, it sucks that innocents are dying, but that is your own faults (or rather the people you are protesting for), for not uprising against a terrorist organization. Had you all done that.. a more normal Gov't would be in place and not Hamas. So don't take it out on our COPS.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Keeping Busy for The Winter

Yesterday i signed up for more classes at my former high school. I will be going for another round of Golf lessons starting on March 19th (because i can't remember a damn thing from my last round of lessons). I'm SYKED!

I will also be going back to my Tuesday night Yoga family! Jeanne will be my teacher again. A side note about Jeanne. Last night i received, in the snail mail, a hand written letter from her thanking the few of us that waited patiently in class while she endured a 4 hours Joisey Jam on the Parkway on our last day of class last semester. She also thanked us for not even bringing up the fact that she offered a free class that night, 1 week prior to the Winter semester starting, when we signed up. So in double thanks she's offering a 3 hour double class for any and all that want to attend free of charge one week before classes start. I thought that was extremely nice of her and it really just goes to show you the caliber of woman she really is. I love my Yoga teacher!

My 3rd class is high energy aerobics. That class is held 3 days a week. So on Mon, Wed, and Thursdays i will have Aerobics. Tuesday is Yoga and when my Thursday aerobics class ends Golf lessons start until mid April. Not to mention the workouts on Tuesdays and Fridays at work and all the Wii fit games i play at night my bod is going to be super tight for the Summer! I can't WAIT!

So how are you keeping busy this Winter?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

NY Dr. Demands Estranged wife pay up or give up her donated kidney


And my thoughts:
While i understand that organ donation in the United States is considered a GIFT.. There HAS to be some loophole these crazy lawyers can find.

It is NO surprise to the people that know me personally that infidelity, no matter how bad a marriage is, is ix-nay in my book. I will ALWAYS side with the victim ALWAYS. Reason: if you aren't man or woman enough to work on your marriage as a married couple then don't be married. If you are working on your marriage don't sleep with someone else in the meantime until you fix things.. that's a half-assed attempt and your spouse isn't getting your full, undivided attention. I know 2 couples going through exactly this; one wife and one husband cheated and i am disgusted at both of them ESPECIALLY the wife.. selfish just plain selfish. Don't you fools know how hard it is to even find someone to marry? Just ask me! I'm 34 and single! I would trade places with you people any day!

With that being said. I hope that this Dr. gets what's due him. I don't care how, i just hope he gets some compensation because this woman couldn't keep her legs closed, and now isn't letting him see his kids?? There are enough screwed up people in this world, leave the kids out of this.

The sad reality is this; she'll laugh all the way to the bank because our court system SUCKS! If the person filing for divorce is a victim of infidelity from their spouse, the spouse shouldn't get shit. PERIOD! You want to sleep around getting your rocks off with some other guy? Let the other guy support you. As for the guys cheating.. you deserve what ever the courts garnish from you.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's good, but not good enough

Found this article on REUTERS:

They are stating that there were less Police shot in 2008 than in 2007 (good to hear being as one is one too many) and is now at a 50 year low. yay! Although, the traffic accident related deaths remained high at 71 in 2008.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Roller Coaster of a Day

Today was filled with ups and downs. Emotional highs and a vision that is now so permanently branded in my mind's most pessimistic eye i don't' know how long it's going to take to shut the movie down.

For starters I SLEPT GREAT last night. Woke up nice and refreshed and ready to take on this new day, and that i did. It started with my ride into work. I have been having a really bad case of road rage lately and yesterday driving to work from Kyle's house was an eye opener for even me. I need to calm down. I was talking this over with my co-worker yesterday and she told me to just blast my favorite music and not give a shit about what goes on outside my 4+ windows. I took her advice today and i had a very calm and relaxing, yet cranking drive in to work today!

At work i made a fresh cup of my favorite coffee and had my breakfast, I'm officially ready to take on the world of work. IT added a new menu to my current menus and it was on from there. We (my co-worker SW and I) received a new process and we now OWN this process. WE ROCK! i also figured out a way to get a .txt file into excel. For some of you that already know how to do this i apologize for having to speak of this but I'm excited as hell! See, when you transfer a .txt file into excel it copies over all data into one cell. This prevents you from sorting and the like. So what i found is a way to format that cell's data into separate cells in 5 moves! WORD! So now once that data is sorted i copy/paste into an excel template which is then imported into our computer system as a live order and Viola! a 500 line order now takes 5 minutes instead of 5 hours! Hey it's all about that 5's! lol . seriously. WE have managed to snuff out a procedure that normally took us HOURS of data entry and 3 people to accomplish. Some might be fearful of job security or lack there of.. I fear nothing of the sort.. This opens up more time for competent people such as myself and SW to delve into bigger projects to get this ship running like a well oiled machine. (Under our manager's guidance and directive of course!).

So after my awesomely productive day i decided to get Chinese food on my way home from work. And this is where my newly branded horror picture was created. I turned into the shopping complex, went passed the McDonald's and rode the back part of the parking lot. It's raining and cold and sleeting. My wipers are on intermittent and i have an SUV behind me with his high beams on blinding me. What else is blinding me? the over head parking lot lights hitting my windshield when my wipers pass. The SUV turns off and i can now see the damn concrete lamp post about 4 feet from the front of my car. I quickly turned the wheel to the left! my back end slid nearly missing the damn concrete post and i quickly came to a stop at that point. i sat there in shock for a mere second or two, got my car positioned properly towards the Chinese food place, headed to my parking spot and sat quietly for a moment. Once i stopped shaking, i got my food and headed home. All the way home the flash of hitting the concrete lamp post base was haunting me.. Yes, i do realize i didn't hit it, but the "what-if" picture kept flashing.. It hasn't stopped and it's been 4.5 hours, and it's freaking me the hell out!

After dinner, i went to Target to buy Jillian Michael's' Ultimatum 2009 for WiiFit. I get home and it annoys me. i couldn't get the damn balance board configured with the game.. I almost threw the damn thing out the window. But instead i went to the regular WiiFit game and it worked fine.. OK I'm calm now knowing there isn't a problem With the balance board. I start up her game again and decided to just use the exercises that don't require the board. which isn't very many. I RAN A LOT! lol.. i burned 118 calories in 30 minutes. not bad.. Then i went back to trouble shoot the balance board when i was more calm (actually i just needed a break lol) I got it to configure FINALLY! SO now i have more workouts i can do and only to find out that they really are almost impossible to do! not because they are hard, but because the damn Wiimote and nunchucks don't respond properly.. I had to hit a heavy bag and she just wouldn't punch OR KICK no matter what i did.. so i don't know if there is an issue with the game or what but i stopped right there and called it a night.. i was getting mad. OH! I also bought the Iron Gym pull up bar thingy that you see on TV for my lower ABS.. because let's face it.. I'm not lifting my 103 lb ass up in the air, i can manage the lower half barely lol. I wish i was 23 again. lol

I also downloaded to my Ipod workouts from Women's Health Magazine. Now i can do other workouts too.. I need to do something.. I'm desperate.. My trainer wasn't in today, we had a sub.. he's not a very good sub.. Mike gets me going.. this guy is just there to babysit us lol.. i need someone that orders me around damnit! lol.. Yes, like boot camp!

OK.. so i went from smiles to elation, from fear to crying, from sedentary to busting my ass all in 16.5 hours.. not bad for a Tuesday.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Chief of Crime Unit is missing

Found this story on AP's website..
His Family is in my prayers. Hopefully he'll be found alive.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I got nominated? Update: the polls are open! UPDATE: I GOT IN THE TOP 3!

Thanks to all that nominated and voted for me. My Blog won the top 3 spot of Best Police Friends for 2008!
I have earned the right to clip my badge on my blog. Thanks again everyone!

Hi Everyone!
I was just informed that the polls are open for voting.
My blog has been nominated for Best Police Friends. So head on over to
"The Best Police Blogs" and vote for my blog if you feel i am worthy of such a nomination!
Please don't hesitate to check out others' blogs. There are some really cool blogs being nominated!
Dec 16th 2008
Apparently my blog has been nominated (for exactly what i have no idea) on

I'm intrigued! lol

And i also nominated another blog because his/her writings about life as a Police Officer is very good and keeps my interest, which is hard to do! lol

So, whomever nominated me, thank you!


Friday, January 2, 2009


I've noticed, since i quit smoking, that my taste buds are starting to enjoy foods and drinks that i once despised.
Case in point.. Coffee. Well, anything derived from the coffee bean. I don't necessarily like a regular cup of coffee, i have been fancying espresso flavored beans made into Latte form.. yummmmm.
Now I've jumped on a new liquid band wagon.. the wagon of wine. Now I'm not saying i love the stuff, but it certainly has my curiosity peaked.

I can tell you for certain i have, and most likely always will, despise white wines. They are way too dry for me and no body at all. Yes, i realize that most white meats should be consumed with white wines, but "The Wine Lover's Page" said that rule is no longer carved in stone. YEAH FOR ME!!!

New Year's Day, Kyle and i turned back the hands of time and celebrated Christmas with his Mother and her Fiance'. I bought them a nice wine called Amazing Grace from 2004. They enjoyed the wine, thankfully, as i had no idea what i was doing when i bought it. It was the recommendation of the week at the local liquor store.

At our dinner that night they served a Meritage wine 2005, it said it had raspberries and black currants and a lingering after.. No joke. It was nice i guess, but i didn't taste raspberries at all, but they didn't lie about the sharpness at the end. WHOA! Needless to say i didn't care for the after too much. So now, I'm on a mission. A wine tasting mission i guess you could say.

When Kyle moved into his house in October 2007, he received a lot of different wines as house warming gifts. Most of them are Shiraz. One basket in particular has 3 different Shiraz in it made from the same company: Matties Perch. It's an Aussie wine with no date (jerks), how am i supposed to learn what i like if i don't have a date?! Anyway, When Kyle left for work tonight he told me there was left over chicken and rice and i could have it if i needed to eat. PERFECT! So i went to the closet where we store our plethora of liquor and looked at what wines i had. Some looked fancy and i didn't want to waste them in case i just wasn't liking the wine thing at all. I opted to open the basket with the 3 Shiraz bottles. No dates means probably cheap.

One is a Cabernet-Shiraz, they explain it to be served with lamb or beef.. OK I'm eating chicken so no go. The 2nd bottle is a White Shiraz, good with salads, cheeses and mildly spicy curried fish. OK No fish on my plate so let's move on. The 3rd bottle is a straight Shiraz, good with pastas and meat on the grill. Hmm.. well i do have rice which i could, in a long shot sort of way, call it a pasta.. Heck why not!?

I carefully pulled the cork out.. Sniffed it, just to make sure it smelled OK.. don't ask me i have no idea what I'm doing lol.. and poured it into a glass.. I sniffed the wine, swirled the glass and took a sip.. hmmm.. not too bad.. doesn't have the lingering kick at the end.. more smooth than the one from the day prior..

I sat down with my meal and my glass of Shiraz.. It's called RIPPER! pronounced RIPPA in Aussie lol. Go to their website i kid you not!
After my first bite i decided to follow with a sip.. wow my mouth was on fire! Kyle put hot peppers in the rice! HOLY TOLEDO! Though it tasted good i just wasn't ready for the punch! The wine enhanced that fire 10 fold too! so maybe not so good to pair this wine with a hot and spicy dish.. i should have gone with the white Shiraz instead! Hey, i didn't know!

After my meal i decided to go on-line and do some research on wines, Sho-nuff! I found an article that stated that spicy foods and my kind of wine don't mix because it enhances the heat! In essence i figured that out for my self.. See i AM BRIGHT, though others may not think so :p

Hear i sit, with my 1/3 empty bottle of Shiraz, freshly cut sharp cheddar (because those two do go well together), the scanner blaring (they are hunting burglars right now lol GET EM BOYS!), and the dog at my feet wondering to myself.. "Am i going to make it to see CRASH tonight?"
Its my lucky day!!! I can watch full episodes on their website! WOOHOOO!!!

Sorry to get off track, back to the wine.. So the Shiraz I'm drinking says it delivers fresh blackberry flavors with a touch of caramel.. I certainly taste the caramel at the end which is nice.. Makes it nice and smooth. However, i do not taste the blackberries. The website states i should smell plum and vanilla, which i do very faintly. The vanilla ends with a caramel note, I don't smell the plum at all. I'm thinking the aroma will take time to develop, as will the tastes. I guess they call that nose and pallet.. I feel stuck up and snobbish right now.. I think i want to move to Napa Valley and grow some grapes! lol

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year to All!

May 2009 bring much health, happiness, and prosperity to you and your families and friends.

That is all!

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