Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday should be eliminated: Update

Why? It's a joke. People are a joke, and I'm sick and tired of hearing on the news every year about some poor soul or more dying because the animals can't behave.

In a Long Island NY Walmart yesterday a store employee opening the doors was trampled by a mob of people rushing into the store and he died. At same store a woman entering was knocked down by another loser and she miscarried. If i were the victim and their families i would sue all of those assholes for such a sum of money that their great-grandchildren's children would paying the debt. Maybe by then the lessons of manners and acting humane would hopefully set in.

So here is what i propose. If stores want to open way early and advertise huge bargains and the like it should be a federal mandate that police officers guard the entrances to these places to keep some semblance of peace. It would benefit the police because these establishments would have to pay them overtime to protect them from any mad rushes these cannibals would most likely create. Any people getting out of line would immediately be hauled off to jail and maybe spanked and taught a lesson that their parents obviously failed to teach them in the first place.

The riot squads would then be on immediate stand by for when the masses get un-ruly, because you know they will. Especially in NY. For some reason those people were created from a different mold than the rest of us.. Please keep your kin on your side of the rivers please as we don't want your cancer out here in the REAL world. Oh wait, NJ is almost as bad, but not as bad.

I hope the rest of you have managed to stay alive yesterday, if not, God bless you.

Take care out there it's going to be crazy for the next month.

The pregnant woman is ok. The news gave false information (typical).
A Legislator from NY has proposed legislation that would not allow this type of madness to happen again.
Also my additional thoughts. No one would be allowed to "camp out" prior to the store opening. That would prevent any savage masses to gather in the first place.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just about here! YAY! My FAVORITE holiday by far.. No gifts, no hype, just great food, football, and 4 days of rest (or shopping depending on how you spend your black Friday/Saturday/Sunday).

I love to reflect on the past year and all of the things i have to be thankful for. Some people may do this around New Year's, but i do it on this day because it means more to me. I have tons to be thankful for this year:
First and Foremost our troops. If not for them i wouldn't be blogging right now probably. Have a Happy Thanksgiving guys and gals may you all return home safely to your loved ones!
Having all of my senses in tact and working properly-FINALLY!, a job, a nice car, a place to live (or two lol), great family, friends, Kyle and his family, my co-workers (namely Sandy), my boss George, my corporate trainer Mike, 3 great puppies Delta/Miki/Jake oh and Kitty, Blogger (because i can share my creativity with the world!), the strength to quit smoking and the strength to keep the quit (8 months today!), Yoga and my Yoga instructor, Outback Steakhouse for their Bloomin' Onion (it makes my taste buds happy), no more Panic Attacks, and very very very mild anxiety attacks now and again (you all KNOW how bad THAT was wow), Golf and my Golf Instructor George, Charlie Browns for their salad bar, West Virginia-please never change, The I.T. Dept. at work! YOU GUYS ROCK!, having a creative mind, law enforcement, and anything else that escapes my mind at the moment.. oh yeah.. My Espresso, oh and Lattes from Dunking Donuts!

So to all of you that stumble upon this place over the next few days have a wonderful, safe, healthy, restful, thankful, Happy Thanksgiving. And to show my appreciation for your support in my life no matter what level, here is an e-card just for you!

Oh, and if you are looking for a quick easy dessert to bring to dinner.. try my Pumpkin Muffins


Here is a joke a nice guy posted on my brother's website
I hope you enjoy!

A young man named John received a parrot as a gift.
The parrot had a bad
attitude and an even worse vocabulary.
Every word out of the bird's
mouth was rude, obnoxious and laced with profanity.
John tried and tried
to change the bird's attitude by consistently saying only polite words,
playing soft music and anything else he could think of to "clean up"
the bird's vocabulary.

Finally, John was fed up and he yelled at the parrot.
The parrot yelled
back. John shook the parrot and the parrot got angrier and even ruder.

John, in desperation, threw up his hand, grabbed the bird and put him in
the freezer.
For a few minutes the parrot squawked and kicked and
screamed. Then suddenly there was total quiet.
Not a peep was heard for
over a minute.

Fearing that he'd hurt the parrot, John quickly open the door to the
freezer, the parrot calmly stepped out onto John's outstretched arms and
said, "I believe I may have offended you with my rude language and
I'm sincerely remorseful for my inappropriate transgressions
and I fully intend to do everything I can to correct my rude and
unforgivable behavior.
John was stunned at the change in the bird's attitude.
As he was about
to ask the parrot what had made such a dramatic change in his behavior,
the bird continued, "May I ask what the turkey did?"


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Workouts #3 & #4

It's definitely the Yoga and Vitamins.
Friday was workout #3 of my self-challenge. Like prior workouts this one was just as hard if not worse. I also weighed in 4 lbs lighter than the day i started. I'm very happy about that to say the least.

I stretched upon arrival and he had me run for three minutes on 5.2 on the treadmill with 1.5 incline for 3 minutes to warm up.

Immediately from the treadmill to the following
2 sets each 25 reps of each

Forward lunge with twist holding 10lbs
Step ups on the bench
Elephant trunk swing between legs with 10 lbs weight
Chin ups with lat bar pull down 40 lbs then 50 lbs
Upright Row with band
Pull backs with band
Jumping jacks
Push ups
and something like a standing mountain climber 1 minute
Abs 1.5 minutes each:
Lie on back arms raised next to ears. Touch right arm to left leg lifting both and vis a vis

Took the potassium, magnesium, Complex B, C and Calcium.
I did my own Yoga that night and viola! no pain.. a little stiffness, but no pain.

Today was workout #4. Brutal just brutal.
I did the same regimen with the vitamins and tonight i had Yoga class so I'm in tip-top shape already!
Here was the workout from today (#4)
5 minute warm up on the stair climber at level 4

2 sets each / 20 reps each
Lunges with 10lb weights in each hand
Side step ups on bench
Elephant wings with 10lb weight
Jumping Jacks 1 minute

Chin pull downs 45 lbs
Upright rows with 10lb dumbbell (i couldn't do 2 10lbers it was too much for my shoulders)
then i switched to the machine and used 15lbs with the bar
Alternating over-head presses with band

No time left for crunches today though.. ugh

In Yoga class we had some more of the same type of teachings as the last time i went. There were exercises for triceps, and the happy dog was triceps as well. A lot of hamstring poses and warrior poses too. All in all it was a great day!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh Miki You're So Fine

I'm the best daughter in the world.. I think anyway lol.
Anywho. Today i took my Puppy Delta to Petco for her grooming. Before they discharged her i had to pay. While I'm standing in line the cutest puppy tugged on my pant leg with her paw. So i of course had to show her some lovin! At the end of her leash was a woman and i had asked how old (6 Months) and her name (Twinkie). Then i noticed the red bandanna around her neck said Adopt me Please! So I did!
Delta got along with her great at the store and Twinkie gave kisses to her and palled around with Delta for a good portion of the time there filling out paperwork.

They both hopped in the car for the trek home and they love hanging out together and playing outside. I called my Mom, who was in Atlantic City and told her what i did. hee hee.. she wasn't thrilled, but it was too late!

Ya see, Kyle had asked me about 3 weeks ago to move in with him. I'm in the process of trying to make that transition. It would be easier had i not have to commute an hour to work and back everyday, plus tolls, gas, wear and tear, etc. and with winter upon us the SNOW.. i don't drive in the snow after it hits 1 inch and the roads start coating, i certainly am not going to travel 50 miles in it, and when my company moves 75 miles in it. So I'm trying to get through the winter at home then move up in the spring time. At least that's the plan anyway thus far.

Anywho, Delta is coming to Kyle's with me when i do finally move. My mom is super upset and has been looking for a dog to train and get situated before i leave, but has been having a very hard time finding the perfect fit. Well after seeing sweet little Twinkie today i knew she would be a perfect fit.

My Mom came home from AC today and fell in love with her. Twinkie truly is the most adorable puppy. She has almost the same facial markings as our dear Maya that passed almost 2 years ago. Her birthday is 1 day before my Mom's and she was a rescue dog. They found her, her siblings, and mom on the side of the road in Virginia somewhere.
She has been spayed and trained and is almost completely house broken already.

The only thing is her name. She doesn't LOOK like a Twinkie (I don't have a picture yet, but once i do I'll update the post) and when she gets older and bigger (Shepherd/Collie mix) it certainly won't be cute anymore. After many considerations we stopped on Miki. She responds to it well and it kind of fits, but honestly I'm not digging it for her. I think I'll have to hit up one of the baby name websites to pick out a name!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The trick is to Yoga and take vitamins!

I've been so busy setting up my other blogs that I haven't been paying attention to detail and I’m a little back logged.

Tuesday was my 2nd hard core, biggest loser style butt whooping by my corporate physical trainer. This session was just as grueling as the first, and I’m loving my metabolism right now. It's burning away. I'm already seeing some results.. I weigh in tomorrow, but I'm guessing 3 lbs at least.

My session consisted of the following:
3 sets of each
Wide legged squats with weight 15 reps
Squads with tension band 15 reps
Jumping Jacks 1 minute each set
Chin Pull Downs 40 lbs 12 reps
Standing Chest Press using band 45 seconds
Arm raises with him as the resistance 45 seconds

Abs 2 sets of each (I’m not sure of the name so I’ll give the description)
Lie on back, legs together, lift to 90 degree angle while holding weight lift upper and lower body up 1 minute
Bicycles 1 minute
After the session I popped Potassium, Magnesium, Complete B complex, and Calcium vitamins, and lucky for me I had a Yoga class that evening as well.

My Yoga instructor attended classes while we were on break for 2 weeks to learn new stuff. She brought Pilates style Yoga to the class that evening. It included tension bands, blocks and movements that were very similar to those that I had to use in my physical therapy sessions for 6 months this year.. I joined Yoga class to stretch and relax, not do PT, I do that anyway everyday at home as a part of my healthy spine regimen.
After we were finished learning our "new" moves, she guided us into our hamstring balancing act.. I love this move and it has diminished all tightness in my hamstrings and legs that the next morning i did not feel any pain from my work out with the trainer. The session prior whooped me hard to the point that to even go to sit down do use the facilities was extremely painful. Now I know how to combat this issue. Yoga and Vitamins!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

End Of Watch - FBI Agent Samual Hicks

Story was found on CNN.
His Family is in my prayers. R.I.P

Branching off

I decided to branch off into the Blogging world.
Too often, in my blog travels i see some really cool sites and they primarily focus on one topic. I have Plenty of one topicers to blog about so i decided to start another blog for Recipes/cooking. It can be found at:
I love to cook, and i have decided to delve deeper into the cooking world now that i have someone to cook for (on the weekends at least).
So please stop by and enjoy! It's a W.I.P so please be patient and check back regularly!

Bon Appetite!

I also love photography so I started another blog for that as well

And here is another one for decorating and the like ( I have yet to post in it as of 9:07PM. I might move my post from here over to start it off of redecorating Kyle's house but i have not decided on the format yet.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Biggest Loser

I have to give credit where credit is due.
Those people on that show are amazing. From start to finish they are a true inspiration to everyone, not just those that are overweight.

I, for instance, weigh just over a buck. Almost 10lbs heavier than 2 months ago. Where this weight gain is coming from has baffled me and I'm not happy about it. I've done the checks and balances and cannot ascertain how this is and has happened.. but i digress.

Today, in my personal training session with the corporate trainer, i walked in with a goal. That goal was to have him push me to the limit that they do on The Biggest Loser. Silently hoping he would start me next week i was surprised when he moved on me right then and there. I was not ready for what was about to unfold.. For 30 minutes he busted my ass, and i mean BUSTED. I won't be walking up stairs this weekend that's for sure. Which is fine because i won't be able to carry a laundry basket either so it won't matter.

I have been working out since i was 16 years old. Not hard-core like the body builders but i stay in shape. (That is why this surprise in weight gain is bothering me.) Needless to say my training session with Mike has rocked my proverbial world. Though i have worked out pretty seriously at times i have never had orders barked at me and almost near yelling to get me moving.. 1 MORE! 1 more? 1 turned into 5 more! but all worth it. NO breaks in between sets AT ALL except to drink water and even that was at his discretion (which was fine it was mostly after each set so there was no danger to me with hydration). I never sweated as much as i did in the 18 years i have been working out like i did today. I actually felt like i was going to puke at one point, thankfully i didn't.

Needless to say I'm happy with this experience. I actually felt that i accomplished a GREAT workout. He gave me instructions for the weekend that i have to follow as well, and being the people pleaser that i am I'll do what I'm told just so i don't have to answer to him if i don't. I'm hoping i see the results quickly, and I'm excited for Tuesday when i go back.

Today's workout consisted of the following:
3 sets each:
20 forward lunges
15 elephant swings with the medicine ball
1 minute jumping jacks
10 step ups per leg on the bench

3 sets each:
20 pull backs with the band
10 push ups
1 minute mountain climbers
20 upright rows with the band

1 minute crunches with weight
1 minute bicycles

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Space for thought

Reading others' blogs can be a very interesting way to find topics to blog about. I'm loving married2thelaw's blog, as it makes me think about daily things in my life with my SO Kyle that normally i wouldn't really tip a hat to.

One topic in particular is his work schedule and my sleeping habits. lol. I have to laugh because when i read her blog i was cracking up. Reading it has also brought up the thought of my co-worker that is married to a FF, hahhahhahaha! When i started working at my company She would always tell me stories of how her DH was working and how she couldn't wait to have clicker privileges and sprawl across the bed. I would think to myself - huh? i would always want my SO to be with me at night..

Well somewhere between 5 years ago and today that has all changed!!! Don't get me wrong i love when Kyle is home from work and i can sleep with him at night and wake with him in the morning, but something has to be said for having it all to myself! I'm not into cuddling too much in bed because I'm quote "like the sun" ( i get very hot very quickly), and unfortunately because of the idiot box the only time we talk or laugh in bed is when we vacation in W.VA. where the TV is non existent.

I have been separated and divorced for over 5 years, so i have become accustomed to sleeping alone and being independent in regards to eating alone, doing things alone like shopping (which i prefer to do 99% of the time), and not having someone under my feet to get in my way when cleaning or painting etc.. I will not deny that being alone most of the time bothers me as i do get lonely. Kyle and I do not live together, yet (post for another time), so during the work-week I'm home in my world an hour away from him doing my thing: Dr's appts., yoga classes, golf lessons, updating the blog, banking etc.. It gets me by, and i get lonely and long to talk to him at night. But mostly he's working and those calls are usually cut short because of some idiot speeding or some bogus call coming over because people can't behave, and in the Land of Make Believe the villagers are always misbehaving..

Before i started spending every weekend up at his place it never really affected me on the weekends, because the only weekends i saw him was when he was off-duty (every other weekend) so on those weekends i was in my world doing my stuff, and yes, i missed him but not like i did when he wasn't around on the weekends he worked and i was at his place alone.

At first it was a very uneasy feeling. The house was quiet, i was nervous to do things like put his laundry away because i didn't want him to think i was going through his stuff. Which i would never do btw, i just felt weird, at the same time i was bored so i did his laundry and mine and would fold his clothes and put them away. I got over that weird feeling very quickly needless to say because it kept me busy and made me feel that i accomplished something in my time at his house. I very very rarely slept in the bed alone. I would camp out on the couch in the living room with the TV and scanner on all night long. Listening to him work while watching my shows in the AM hours was comforting and for the most part put me to sleep until he would come home. He would make himself breakfast and relax until he was tired enough to go to sleep and that's when i usually would go shopping and stuff to kill the time and stay out of the house to prevent waking him up. When the summer months came i would lay out on the deck. Make him breakfast when he awoke and sometimes dinner when he was not the early car. When he would go to work i would bust out the paint cans and get started painting, he'd come home to a new look to whatever room i was working on and he liked it i guess.. at least he told me he did.. mostly because he didn't have to do the work I'm guessing lol.

Somewhere between then and now i have taken a liking to not having him in bed on the weekends he's working and I look forward to it! I SPRAWL out all over the bed. I sleep with HIS pillows for his scent to keep me cozy, I have full reign of the clicker, and i don't cover the windows with black-out sheets and can wake up with the sun. I have become so used to sleeping alone that on the weekends he is home and i have to work the next morning i can't sleep with him in the bed. If he moves I'm awake and i can't fall back to sleep. So lately, he's been sleeping on the couch. I don't ask him to, he does it because he wants me to sleep. I love him for it, but i do miss him. I think we might have to get two twin beds and push them together lol, kind of like my grandparents did!

I love Kyle to death, more times than not he's sacrificed his comfort for mine and i didn't even have to ask. I don't like it sometimes, and i guess i need to learn to vocalize my need to have him there with me when he's home from work.

It makes me forward think about when we cohabitate. He will essentially not be there more than he isn't now. I'm currently not affected by his EMS schedule which keeps him out of the house for 13 hours and does not sleep at home, so that is 2-4 extra nights per month that he will not be with me. Now, I'm in the comfort of my own town, my friends are all there and family is close by. Up north I'll essentially be alone, though that sounds great sometimes, more times than not it's lonely.

In closing, it is who he is and he was this person long before i came around. If i want him full-time i guess i have to suck it up so to speak. He has compromised and sacrificed a lot in our relationship (not that i haven't) it's the least i can do. Hopefully some day, Kyle and I will meet somewhere in the middle, but until then I HAVE THE BED ALL TO MYSELF!

Monday, November 3, 2008

West Virginia Here I Come!!!

It's vacation time.. and a well deserved one at that.
Most people think warm tropical climate, or snowy mountain tops when they think vacation. Me? I think West Virginia, and not doing a darn thing for a week. No TV, no radio (not including the IPod of course), good food... scratch that.. make that GREAT food, great drinks, and great conversation. Not to mention the best sleep anyone can have, consistently, every night.

I take my best pictures in W. VA. it must be the clean air, or could it be that i can actually stop to smell the roses without getting run over by 1 million + cars and bad attitudes to boot? Yeah, that's probably it. The picture above is one i took during my August trip. It was a plant growing from the dirt embedded in a rock in a creek behind our house. The Autumn should provide me with a different perspective of my surroundings as i have only been there in the summer months when all things living are thriving in abundance everywhere you look. I'm looking forward to new sites and sounds, and less bugs! But mostly, I'm looking forward to relaxing with Kyle and his family. They are a great, fun bunch to hang with while on vacation.

It will be cold there unfortunately, i won't be able to practice my Yoga creek side like i was able to do in the summertime. It will also be much quieter because Kyle's nephews won't be there. Who will my subjects be for pictures? The two boys are so much fun to follow with the camera, i have taken some REALLY good shots of the guys and boys during my last few visits there. The boys will be missed greatly during this visit I'm afraid. At the same time though, it's the 10 year anniversary of when the guys started going to W. Va. on their own, without the parents. So there will be a lot of, shall we say, partying going on. Hardly an environment for youngsters, and Dad can let lose without having to keep an eye on the boys.

Never-the-less this is a vacation that i desperately need. My stress levels have been pretty high in the last month with the restructuring of certain divisions within my company and i was moved to a different department all-together. NO complaints, just a lot of new things to learn and well, with new things sometimes comes stress. Not really negative stress, just new stuff that I'm not used to. So hopefully, when i return from vacation, i will be able to sustain the peacefulness that always becomes me in God's country, and i will be better equipped to handle the new challenges that face our newly structured department. At least i hope so, because my back can't handle the stress anymore!

I will be gone for a week, with no access to the Internet. I won't even know when John McCain wins the presidency either until i head into town when we arrive and hear the town's folks discussing it over coffee.

I can't wait.
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