Police bust people thanks to undercover mother of fourFor a lot of women, watching your husband being shipped off to jail for dealing meth might be the straw that breaks the camel's back, but for one Nebraska woman, it simply meant it was time to get cracking and get the father of her children out of jail -- even if it meant going deep undercover in a drug ring spanning multiple states and linked to four murders.

The woman, who has not been named out of concern for the her and her children's safety, went to the Omaha Police Department to see if she could get the 15-year sentence her husband received for dealing meth reduced if she helped police bring down the people he had been working for.

They agreed, and began an undercover investigation that lasted seven months and resulted in the convictions of eleven people and the confiscation of 13 lbs. of methamphetamine.

In order to befriend the dealers her husband had been consorting with before being arrested, the woman -- a mother of six -- spent time with them at a garage where the dealers would outfit cars with secret compartments to hide drugs and money.

Bringing Down El Primo
The woman would do their laundry, bring them food and give them rides. Once she earned their trust she began, with police instructions, to do a few small drug deals. All of this was in the hopes of finding information that would lead to the arrest of Juan Correa-Gutierrez, or "El Primo."

Correa-Gutierrez never trusted the woman and refused to get close to her, but after seven months she learned from one of his dealers that Correa-Gutierrez would be traveling to California to pick up a meth shipment, which the disgruntled dealer would have to guard while Correa-Gutierrez was in Mexico for his daughter's QuinceaƱera.

With this information in hand, the Omaha police began gearing up for a series of big busts to take down part of a drug ring with players in Nebraska, Arizona, Texas, California and Iowa.

A Big Find
With search warrants for multiple locations, the police waited for the informant to receive a coded text message before beginning their searches. After two straight days of arresting small-time dealers and confiscating weapons, ammunition, drugs and cash, the minivan turned up and the police searched it.

It was empty.

They contacted the woman, who instructed them how to find the secret compartment in the van and uncovered 8 lbs. of 90-percent-pure meth. It was enough to charge Correa-Gutierrez with conspiring to deal drugs. After the prosecution showed up at trial with a surprise witness ready to testify about purchases of more than 100 lbs. of meth, El Primo and his right-hand man Nica both pleaded guilty and received hefty prison sentences, including 27 years for Correa-Gutierrez.

The woman and her children have moved out of the area for their own safety, and her husband is hoping his sentence will get reduced after the last of the ring's sentencings has gone through.

The woman stated in court that her children miss their father more than she does, which truly makes this lady one heck of a supermom.