Sunday, September 4, 2011

9 Year Old Completes 341 Mile Bike Ride to Honor Fallen Officer David Moore

It really makes me happy when I read stories like the one I posted below. Although, I wish children, or even adults for that matter, didn't have to even do this. Cops are people, they have families, they aren't robots, and they are not out there to make everyone's lives miserable, but I digress.

What I particularly liked was that this young man of 9 years set a personal goal and accomplished it! He is a tenacious young man in that regard. Most children his age just wanna play video games and tend to themselves, forget about anything fitness related. This young man not only created a goal and attained it, but he did it to support those he loves and whom they love. For a child so young to be so aware and want to help those affected by this lose is truly amazing! (and I hope Spencer goes next year too Avi!)

Talk about paying it forward!

Last week, Sgt. Doug Forrest and his nine-year old son, Avi, completed a 341 mile bike ride from McKeesport, PA to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, DC. Avi made the journey to honor fallen Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer David Moore, killed on January 26, 2011 and to raise funds for the David S. Moore Foundation, established by Officer Moore's parents after his death.

As Avi, Sgt. Forrest and Susan Schneider peddled into the Memorial, they were greeted by Officer Moore's uncle, Juan Moore. Officer Moore had previously visited the Memorial with his father, an active law enforcement officer also with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

According to a story by WISH TV, Sgt. Forrest stated that, "For me, the Memorial is always an emotional experience. I always break down and cry when I think of them because I miss them when I see their names on there. Avi just knows it's really emotional for his dad, and he pats me on the back and tells me, 'It's OK.'" 

Congratulations, Avi on your incredible journey, and thank you for honoring the memory and service of Officer David Moore.

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